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    Problem w/ .swf animation (CP4) - animation slides won't play - except one


      Hello everyone,


      I have a CP4 project where I am importing .swf animations onto individual slides in Captivate.  I have a menu slide at the front and the intent is to have the user select a menu item and then be taken to the frame with the animation and for the animation to start playing.  There are 27 animations in all.


      When previewing the project in the browser (f12) the animations will not launch when brought to the slide except that on one slide the animation does work.  The slide where the animation is working is on slide 5 in the Deck.  I checked all the configurations for this slide against the others and they appear to be the same.  I just can't figure out why this slide is working and the others are not.


      If anybody can help me w/ what I might be doing wrong that would be fabulous.


      Thanks for your help!


      Update:  So it seems the slide where the animation works is always the last slide in the deck. If I take one of the non-working slides and move it to be the last slide in the deck then the animation plays.  And in turn the slide that was previously in the last slot no longer works.  Even stranger :-)