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    Sending BitmapData to Ruby On Rails




      I have a project that has a SAVE button that on click needs to save a PNG file of an area of the stage (or a MC if that is easier) to a server and put and entry for said file into a database. The database end of things is going to be handled by the web developer so not a concern for me.


      I found an example on the web that uses PHP to write the PNG file to a remote drive, and the ActionScript just needed to call a PHP page with POST variables to execute the save. I cannot however find any examples of how to do this with Ruby On Rails. Would the methodology be the same; call a URL to a Ruby script and send the variables via POST? In which case the ActionScript side of things would essentially be the same as for the PHP method? Or does using RoR require some other means of executing this kind of function?


      Many thanks for any advice. I'm out of my league on this one




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