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    Interlacing with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5


      Today I have noticed a problem when settings the fields of a piece of video in my timeline to "interlace consecutive frames". In CS4 this worked perfectly but in CS5 it makes my video twice as fast and becomes out of sync with the audio. Anyone else having this problem?


      My project setting is DV Pal 25fps 4:3.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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          I copied this from the help.


          Interlace Consecutive Frames




          Converts each pair of consecutive progressive-scan (non-interlaced) frames into the two interlaced fields of a single frame. This also results in the clip running at twice its original frame rate. This option is useful for interlacing clips created by animation applications not capable of generating interlaced frames. Ideally, you could use it to convert 60-fps progressive-scan animations into 30-fps interlaced video.

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            Shilo37 Level 1

            Hmm that does seem to be what Premiere Pro CS5 is doing. Is this CS5 specific? because I used to use this method all the time in CS4 to interlace my video/animations happily without any changes to the fps. If this is how CS5 is going to behave then what is the new simple way of enabling interlaced frames without altering the frame rate?


            I liked being able to simply enabled it off and on and keeping the original frame rate in CS4 as some projects were for a TV medium and needed a progressive web export as well.