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    How do I pass info from one page of a form to another?


      First of all, I am not a "coder" but am familiar with working with code within GoLive CS2.  I now have DW CS3 but have not used it yet.  I just purchased Total Training for Website Design and Total Training for DW CS3 Essentials.



      I understand how to build custom forms within GoLive (and soon DW) but need some direction creating an online application form somewhat similar to this one.


      There are two things I am unfamilar with and need some direction with:


      1) Before getting to the application, there will be a Pre-Qualification Form they will fill out.  Depending on what they select on the form will determine whether or not  they get to the application page.  Ex.  If they checked Yes for "Have you ever received a DUI", then they will be redirected to a "Thanks but not thanks" page.  However, if they checked No for the same question, it would direct them to the Application Page.  I'm not sure what to even search for  online for help on this one.


      2) The application will be long so I want to break it up into several pages and need some general direction on how to pass info from one page to the next.  I believe this deals with "Sessions" using PHP.  This is a new area for me as well.  Can someone point me to a good tutorial about this?


      Thanks in advance for any help or guidance that you can provide.