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    PSE8 crashes when clicking on a video


      All was well until I installed Premier Elements 8.0 today. Now when I load PSE8's organizer and single-click on a video's thumbnail, PSE8 crashes. What now? I've updated my graphics driver and completed all the steps that were suggested at Premier Elements' site.

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          Sourabh Gupta Adobe Employee

          What is the file extension and the size of the file ? Did you imported this file from Premiere Elements or from Photoshop Elements ?



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            I also have a problem with PSElements8 crashing when I click on a video thumbnail. The videos are in MOV format, coming directly from camera (Panasonic GH1). I tried several video files of different sizes (in range of 300-700MB), all exhibit the same problem. Both left click and right click on a video thumbnail cause crash.


            I can watch these videos without any problems in other applications (e.g. Picasa 3.6 or QuickTime player v 7.6.5).


            I’ve submitted the crash info to Adobe but haven’t heard back from them.


            Any help would be appreciated

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              Barb__O Level 4

              1 -- Specifically for the video from your Panasonic GH1 camera, I suggest that you read






              2 -- Since you say that you can play this video in QuickTime player v 7.6.5, you might also investigate converting that video by purchasing the Quicktime Pro upgrade.


              Unfortunately I can not say if either of the above solutions will solve your problem, so I recommend that you do additional investigation before spending your money.


              3 - You did not say if you also have Premiere Elements 8.   If you do, I suggest also posting on the Adobe Premiere Elements forum to ask if anyone has used GH1 video with Premiere Elements 8.   Since the above article mentioned multiple settings for recording video on the GH1, I recommend including what your camera settings were at the time you recorded the video.



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                iltb2000 Level 1

                I am having the exact same problem, but with different cameras.  I have been using PSE 8 and PE 8 for a couple weeks on a Windows 7 machine, but didn't have Quicktime installed.  When I tried to view a movie (.MOV from Canon 7D, Canon SX200, and Panasonic ZS3) via the Organizer by double clicking on it, it didn't come up because I hadn't installed Quicktime (new Windows virtual machine on an iMac).  I installed the latest Quicktime (7.6.5), and now when I double click on a video, the organizer immediately crashes.  If I have the properties pane open, and single click on the video, the organizer immediately crashes.  I de-install Quicktime, and problem goes away (of course, then I can't play the videos).  AVI files don't cause this problem because they are being displayed with Windows Media Player.


                I tried an earlier version of Quicktime (7.6.2), but same behavior.  I was worried that this might be a virtual machine problem, but it sounds like it is happening to other people using Quicktime via PSE 8 Organizer.


                Any help would be appreciated!



                P.S. Haven't any trouble like this with PSE 8 on Windows Vista with Quicktime 7.6.5, or with PSE 8 on Windows XP with Quicktime 7.6.5, or with PSE 6 on XP or Vista.

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                  I am also having the same problem. Please help.

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                    Regiregable Level 1

                    I've played with it a little bit more and came to the same conclusion. If the properties pane is open before I click (right click or left click) on a MOV file for the first time in the session, organizer would crash immediately.


                    Workaround: If I close the properties pane before I click on MOV file, orginizer does not crash. After I clicked on a MOV file at least once in the session, I can open the properties pane again and it would not crash any more


                    Happens only with video files in MOV format - AVI (in my case, produced by Nikon D90) does not have this problem.


                    I hope somebody from Adobe is reading this forum and will make sure this annoying bug will be taken care of.

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                      I've duplicate this now. When the Properties pane is open, clicking on a movie crashes PSE8. If I close

                      the Properties pane, and then click on a movie, all is well.

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                        My issue is very similar.  I am using PSE7 and Windows 7.  I think it started after I upgraded to Windows 7.


                        If I try to preview or import an MOV file, the organizer crashes.  I have totally uninstalled and reinstalled QT and Itunes.  No luck.


                        This is really annoying.



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                          rrogers444 Level 1

                          Second file.  This is kind of a bad video, but the only one small enough to upload.

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            I have decided to post a copy of my evaluation of your videos here so that others might see some issues involved in your case. My computer operating system is Windows XP Professional SP3, not Windows 7.


                            Although problems may have the same symptoms, they often do not have the same cause. So, it is good to get as much detail as possible to sort these things out.



                            I have received the two videos and have tested them.

                            The bottom line is that they display fine as thumbnails and play back well in my Photoshop Elements 7 Organizer window (Windows XP Professional SP3). I think that the LEAD Codec may be the key since I have it installed and, when I play back the video in the Organizer Window player, the bottom of the screen prints out that it is using the LEAD MCMP/MJPEG Decoder Eval.
                            Check out your LEAD codec download and installation one more time.

                            Although from all that I read online about your cameras, those videos should be using the MotionJPEG codec in the .mov wrapper. However, when you put them through Premiere Elements 7 Properties, Video Codec = Photo-JPEG QuickTime Movie for both of them.

                            Video Clip 1
                            QuickTime Movie
                            1.3 MB
                            320 x 240
                            15 frames per second
                            aspect ratio = 1.0
                            compressor = Photo - JPEG
                            average bitrate = 2.97 KB/second
                            NO AUDIO WAS WITH THIS CLIP, ONLY VIDEO

                            Video Clip 2
                            QuickTime Movie
                            3.1 MB
                            1280 x 720
                            30 frames per second
                            aspect ratio = 1.0
                            compressor = Photo - JPEG
                            bitrate = 3.1 MB/second
                            AUDIO DID COME WITH THIS CLIP AND WAS GOOD

                            I suspect that your issue may be a codec one. If so, that LEAD codec should have resolved the issue.

                            This is what I am suggesting next.
                            (a) Check the LEAD codec one more time.
                            (b) if that does not work, for each file, right click the file on the hard drive, select Rename, and rename just the file extension from .mov to .avi. (I have done this and this version of the files works great in the Photoshop Elements 7 Organizer, display of thumbnail as well as play back in the Organizer player.)

                            Do not bother with Video 2 (1280 x 720) in Premiere Elements 2 since Premiere Elements 2 does not support HD. However, I would suspect that Video 1 should since it is .mov and 320 x 240. But, I do need to go back and dust off my memory about .mov in Premiere Elements 2 for problems beyond having the appropriate version of QuickTime installed.

                            But, your interest seems to be in getting the videos established in the Photoshop Elements 7 Organizer. So let us see if any of this has advanced that cause.

                            Looking forward to your results."


                            In a subsequent post you said that none of the above worked to resolve you specific issue. I have not done a complete survey on what video formats were involved in the reports in this thread. But, a quick check seems to indicate that the problems were associated with AVCHD-Lite, a very problematic format for Premiere Elements typically requiring convert to another format, and MotionJpeg, also problematic but whose problems are often worked out with installing the LEAD or Morgan codecs.


                            I will continue to look into this matter from the Photoshop Elements as well as the Premiere Elements side of things.



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                              rrogers444 Level 1

                              Thanks ATR,


                              I appreciate all of your efforts.


                              FYI - I do not set my cameras to AVCHD-Lite.  Mainly because of the issues.





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                                I'm having a similar issue. I can successfully import MOV videos taken with a DSLR (Canon Rebel T1i) using PSE 8 Organizer. However, when I double click the thumbnail to play the video, Organizer freezes (it does not gracefully crash and send a crash report). I have to use Windows Vista to kill the program. The MOV codec in H.264 and the movie files play fine in other programs such as QuickTime Player. I have reinstalled Quicktime player but that doesn't seem to solve the problem.


                                And most interestingly, I did not have this problem with PSE7. It only occurred after I upgraded to PSE8. I personally think it's an Adobe issue and would like them to fix the bug. I've read the forums and if there are other suggestions, I open to them.



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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  Just some troubleshooting things to explore to get a better handle on what is happening:


                                  1. What happens if you rename just the file extension of the video file from .mov to .avi or .mpg?


                                  2. What are you working with, 1920 x 1080 at 30 progressive frames per minutes (1080p) or other?


                                  3. If you are dealing with 1920 x 1080, what happens if you convert that to a lesser resolution (land/or less resource demanding format)? What do your computer resources look like now as compared to when you were working with Premiere Elements 7.0?


                                  4. Do you still have Premiere Elements 7.0 installed on the computer with the Premiere Elements 8.0.1 Update version? If so, does the problem exist with the SAME video in BOTH versions at this time?


                                  I did a quick read of this Canon online. Best that I can find right now is the "H.264 with .mov file extension and 1080p." I am not sure if that translates into AVCHD (MPEG4 AVC/H.264) with a .mov wrapper or some sort of Canon proprietary format.



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                                    Traskelman Level 1

                                    Hi ATR - I had a busy week and couldn't look at this until now. Thanks for the ideas. Answers to your questions:

                                    1. I renamed extension to .AVI but PSE Organizer could not recognize the file since the link was to a .MOV file. I got an error message saying Organizer was searching for the file. It would also not play directly via Windows Media.
                                    2. 1280 x 720 at 30 fps
                                    3. Computer resources did not change between v7 and v8
                                    4. I uninstalled v7 right after I upgraded


                                    When I look at the movie using QuickTime and turn on Movie Inspector, here are the specs:

                                    Format:         H.264, 1280 x 720, Millions

                                                        16-bit Integer (Little Endian), Mono,

                                                        44.100 kHz

                                    Movie FPS:   30.00

                                    Data Rate:    27.56 mbits/sec


                                    I have both Premiere Elements 8 and Photoshop Elements 8 on my computer. Since they both share the Organizer program, it occurs in both when trying to play the video clip by double clicking the thumbnail in Organizer. It is important to note the when using Premier Elements, I can create a new project, import the video, and it plays fine from within Premier Elements. My issue is playing videos within Organizer.


                                    Thanks for any help.

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                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                      When you tried renaming just the file extension of the original 1280 x 720 H.264 video, did you do the renaming at the hard drive save location level and then import the file extension renamed video back into the Elements Organizer.


                                      Often the better route to introducing problematic video into the Elements Organizer is by first importing it into Premiere Elements. It will become part of the Premiere Elements Organize interface and will automatically enter the Elements Organizer that way.


                                      Have we established that your Premiere Elements:

                                      a. has the 8.0.1 Update (Patch)

                                      b. has Background Rendering and AutoAnalyzer features disabled

                                      c. has the latest versions of Quicktime and Windows Media Player installed

                                      d. will not have this problem if you go to a new User Account which also has Administrative Privileges

                                      e. will not have this problem after a complete and clean uninstall/reinstall (if you have the installation disc).

                                      f. will work if you create a new catalog in Photoshop Elements for Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements to share.


                                      What is your planned export type for this video? If it is DVD-VIDEO widescreen, then we might want to look at converting it to DV AVI widescreen with the MPEG Streamclip software. But let us see what we can do before confronting that possibility which would decrease the frame size from 1280 x 720 to 720 x 480 but would have the 16:9 display.



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                                        Traskelman Level 1



                                        Renaming of the file extension was done at the hard drive save location. This time I tried to import it into Elements Organizer and it did not recognize the codec. When trying to play the newly imported .AVI (used to be .MOV) file, I get a message saying "The selected file cannot be played because your system does not have the required compressor/decompressor (codec) installed." The thumbnail image is a generic film strip icon since it couldn't read the codec and create a thumbnail.


                                        As for Premier Elements:

                                        a. Yes, 8.0.1 patch is applied

                                        b. Both are disabled and have been before I started this issue

                                        c. Yes

                                        d. new Admin user account has same problem

                                        e. have not tried this and am hesitant to do so

                                        f. same issue in new catalog


                                        I store this videos in their native format. If I do some editing and make movies, I usually keep the export format in some HD format for playing computers or DVD. I don't want to downscale it or necessarily need to go wide screen.


                                        After renaming the file extension I am having Apple Quicktime issues. When I am in the 'Get Photos and Videos from Files and Folders' dialog box, and then click/select a .MOV file, a get a warning message that the "The video file preview is not available because the Apple QuickTime TM could not be initialized."  Yet I just reinstalled Quicktime the other day. I will reinstall Quicktime. I believe this has occurred by renaming the file extension of the clip and confusing the computer programs.



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                                          Dave U.

                                          You've got it exactly right! I was having the same exact problem and I just replicated your "Properties" work-around. Worked exactly as you said.

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                                            Have had PSE for 6 months or so, with no problem.


                                            But yesterday it crashed twice for no reason.

                                            Today it did the same again, and then I realised that common features were


                                            i. I had a .mov file on screen (in organiser), and

                                            ii. I had previously selected 'properties' in the window view drop-down menu (or had right-clicked on pic and selected 'show properties'), and

                                            iii. the actual  .mov video clip had been selected from the thumbnails or was the only picture on 'single-photo-view.


                                            So I closed the 'Properties' window!




                                            It works fine. and   PSE 8 will glady play .mov video clips, complete with sound, (it opens in a special PSE movie screen) when 'PROPERTIES' has been turned OFF.