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    CS5 Install Problems

    pixotic Level 1

      I'm a Vista user and I purchased CS 5 Premium Suite from the store and attempted to install it yesterday.  The install froze part way through, so I uninstalled everything and decided to install the items I needed one at a time, starting with Photoshop and Illustrator.  Both installed just fine, or so I thought- I went to start them up and was immediatly taken to the license agreement.  I agreed to it, and I am prompted to put in my serial number.  I did, it was accepted, then- I get sent right back to the license agreement- over, and over, and over again.


      I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.  Called support, changed some things in the registry, installed on a different user account.

      They couldn't do anything for me and suggested I try installing it on another computer.  What good can that do me?  If I can't use it on my machine- it does me no good.


      Am I alone with this problem, or are other experiencing the same error?  Any solutions?

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          I have the same exact problem as well. I also a Vista user and bought and downloaded Design Premium. After installing, when I try to use the program the license agreement pops up for me to accept. I click "accept" and it just keeps popping up over and over.


          I am wondering myself if anybody knows how to fix this :s

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            I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 and purchased CS5 Web Design Premium upgrade from CS3 Web Design Premium Upgrade.  I purchsed both from Adobe's online store.


            The CS5 install would run but came back with the message that there was a problem with my installation: 46 errors and 21 warnings.  That the functionality of the applications would be affected.  The separate Acrobat setup didn't even make a pretense of trying to install.


            I followed all their trouble-shooting instructions and tried installing with CS3 installed and with CS3 uninstalled.  I redownloaded everything again, in case I had a corrupted file.  I ran their diagnostic support program and it didn't find any problems...of course it also had installation errors so who knows.


            I talked with their chat person last night and was told that the version of CS3 I had was "World Wide English" and that the version of CS5 I downloaded was "Universal English" and that was why I my installation wasn't working.  They also told me I was the only one having a problem.


            I pointed out that their store only indicates "Windows, English" for both CS3 and CS5 and that the error codes I got indicated that it's looking for a 64-bit machine while I'm running a 32-bit machine.  They insisted I had the wrong version of English.


            I was told to wait 24 hours and return my purchase for the correct version.  I think I'm going to return my CS5 upgrade purchase and stick with CS3 until they can get themselves sorted out.


            It is comforting though, to know that I'm NOT the only one having a problem.

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              pixotic Level 1

              Okay- here goes, after about 5 hours total in tech support calls,  finally a technician and I figured it out.  Now, this is what worked for  me, but might not necessarily work for you...


              1) Install your Adobe products as usual

              2) Go to "Computer" and whatever drive you have installed CS5 on

              3) Go to Program Files > Common Files > Adobe

              4) There should be a folder called "Adobe PCD", enter it.  In the folder there will be another folder called "cache", in this folder will be a database file called "cache".  Delete this file.

              5) Restart your computer

              6) Start up the Adobe product of your choice and see if it works.  If it does, hurah, if not, I went through just about everything in the book to get this to work, so just pop back in here.

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                davidjob@adobe.com Adobe Employee

                I am not sure what the problem is based off of the information you provided.  For Creative Suite 5 product

                installations the error is recorded in an installatino log file and we need that information in order to determine the cause of the problem.  If you want to e-mail me, davidjoh@adobe.com, your log I can get back you with information about what caused the issue.

                For information on finding and reading your installation log, see "Troubleshoot install errors using Creative Suite 5 install logs" (cpsid_84451).

                I will also post any solutions here to your issue here.

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                  jrendall24 Level 1

                  I tried what you typed here and.... it worked!


                  Thank you thank you thank you!


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                    THIS WORKS! Thank you Pixotic!

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                      Hail pixotic - it worked for me too!


                      I  changed from international english to North American which shortened the install time by almost 18 minutes?.


                      However - There are many unclear things about the installation and very very little info - have cursed Adobe many times theese two and a half days I spent in frustration trying to figure out.



                      The pixotic - treatment should be in the FAQ or trouble shotting pages.


                      Regards / i

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                        Thank you, pixotic. For all your effort.



                        • deleting Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache\cache.db alone didn't work for you, which is my case


                        You may want to try my solution,

                        • delete Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\pim.db


                        Hope this helps.

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                          Pixotic's solution seems to have worked wonders for me too. Thanks for that, I could have been trying to sort this forever.

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                            please provide me information : how to install and use cs5

                            i needed it badly




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                              I have never had as many problems as I am now. I have been trying to download, extract and install Adobe Master Collection Trial Version for days.

                              This was intended to be an evaluation, as I had heard that Adobe would be able to cover all of my company's needs.


                              First, I attempted to download the files yto my 2 TB external harddrive. When I attempted to extract the files to either my /C drive or the External one, I was bombarded with issues, so I deleted all the files and started over the next day. Yesterday I made space on my /C drive for the files, downloaded again, and then left the Akamai Download Manager do it's work, or so I thought. when I returned, the manager was still prompting me to install, as if I had not already asked it. So I pressed install again, and waited. I let it run over night. Again, no report of completion or anything. I have not even begun installation, the progress bar, as of now, states I am still trying to extract the files. I gave up using Akamai. I am very frustrated with Adobe right now, if I cannot download thier product for trial testing I will move on to another company to fulfill my needs.


                              Adobe, if you are having this many dificulties with so many customers, and we haven't even been able to use your product yet, you need to fix things. I cannot believe anyone would release a product costing $2600 and not put enough effort to even get it to begin working. I do not have days to spend fixing your problems, and I am guessing others don't either. Fix the download/install problems.

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                                Petаr Adobe Employee

                                Our sincere apologies for the problems with the download and installation of Master Collection CS5 !  We are working on a number on the process that should be available in the next few months.   It sounds like you are experiencing a few issues, possibly connected. Please see the video attached to this knowledge base article: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/837/cpsid_83772.html for detailed instructions on what you should expect with the download and installation. If you have problem with the Akamai Download Manager, you can uninstall it, go through the download process, and use the direct links offered in conjunction with the Akamai Download Manager.  If you have already downloaded the installation files, you should be able to run the .exe, decompress the installation files, and run Set-up.exe to get the installation started. Should there be any issues with the installation, there is no need to re-download. Instead you can use the Adobe Support Advisor to get the issues diagnosed and helpfully addressed. See this article - http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/405/kb405816.html .  You can also send me a private message, and I would be happy to get you in touch with our Support team directly.  Again, apologies for the problems with the download and installation! We expect to be able to release great improvements to this flow in the next few months.

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                                  Your solution worked for me. Thanks.

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                                    KarenStore Adobe Employee

                                    The online store download center gives you 2 options to download your files.

                                    1. Akamai Download Manager

                                    2. Alternate Download Method (basically straight HTTP).


                                    If you have trouble with the Akamai Download Manager or prefer to use HTTP, then select "Alternate Download Method" which will expand and give you links to the direct files.


                                    karen from Store

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                                      Thank you pixotic.

                                      I'll raise a monument for you

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                                        This may work for Vista on the PC but it doesn't seem to work on the Mac.

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                                          i am actually having the same issues with my MAC just purchased the CS5 upgrade and Akamai is being a pain in the you know what