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    Errors upon startup


      I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 on a machine with Windows XP. It worked perfectly for several months, then after we got it back from repairs, it refused to work.


      When I start it up, I get an error saying "Access is denied." The blue bar across the top of the error message says Error: CreateFile(C:\DOCUME~1\pc\LOCALS~1\Temp\~e5d141.tmp.


      Clicking OK on that message brings up a second one that says "Activation was not successful. Try again after rebooting your system."


      Clicking OK brings up a third message that reads "Registration information is invalid. Please reinstall Adobe Premiere Pro." Clicking that one closes the program.


      Reinstalling the program and rebooting the computer change nothing. The first person at the Registration chat recommended that I should try reinstalling and rebooting, and then give it a few minutes to let it rebuild the system image before I relaunch Premiere. This didn't work.


      The second person on Registration Chat had me call Tech support, who told me that my current version was too old to give support for. But we're too small a company to upgrade right now. Any suggestions?



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          dradeke Adobe Employee



          If you took your PC in for service, I wonder if the technician wiped your drive and reinstalled everything?  Or perhaps he cloned the drive, wiped it and re-imaged it?  In either case, there is the chance that you lost an activation.  If so, you should call customer service and see check your activation count.


          If it isn't the above, determine what changed when you took it in for service.  Software added? subtracted?  Perhaps the technician ran a registry cleaner and somehow got an Adobe key that was needed?  Unlikely, but possible.



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            CaptainADD Level 1

            Thanks for answering, Dennis. I don't know exactly what the technician did, but he didn't wipe the drive and reinstall everything. I called customer service, and was told that I still had two activations remaining. Which is a bit odd, because I'm pretty sure that this same copy was installed on three different computers at one point.


            Now that I think about it, I'm not 100% sure that the problem began after I got it back from being serivced, it was so long ago. Can you give me the names of certain Adobe keys that are supposed to be on there? Thanks.

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              Hi Captian,


              Three days ago, I have encountered the exact same problem after some months of not using Premiere Pro 1.5.  Exact same messages and exact same religious hand washing by Adobe, ie We want your money for an upgrade.


              In my case, no one has touched my PC in the way of maintenance, including me.  I could suspect AVG Antivirus/Antispyware or maybe a older version of Executive Disk Defragmenter that I run frequently.  But with my limited expertise, I just don't know.


              Have you succeeded solving your problem?


              Cheers, Dennis Ridley