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    Can't load variable from text file. (*.fla included)


      I purchased template and trying to edit it, there is page called  portfolio i managed to make it load images from external files, but when  trying to do same for text description no success.

      I tried different techniques i found online, but none work, only work  when i place textbox on main scene but never works when i place it on  Portfolio page 3 (click portfolio button then click page 3) to go there  in flash find "scroll2_4" page trough library right click and chose  edit.

      I need to load description from text for items on that page.

      I really desperate now after many hours of failure. Please help me if  you can, url to download *.fla file i working with is here http://www.filedropper.com/flashfla
      i edited it to delete everything thats unrelated to question.

      Also secondary optional question how i create more pages like page 4, 5  etc?