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    Popup movie clip in main movie

      When a contest button is pressed, I need a movie clip to come up as a pop up within my movie (this movie clip is a form that will need to feed into a database after the Submit button is pressed within this popup form) I've tried both parts of the tutorial found here:
      [L= [L=http://scriptplayground.com/tutorials/as/Building-a-Flash-Popup-Part-1/]]http://script playground.com/tutorials/as/Building-a-Flash-Popup-Part-1/][/L] [L=http://scriptplayground.com/tutorials/as/Building-a-Flash-Popup-Part-1/[/L]]http://scr iptplayground.com/tutorials/as/Building-a-Flash-Popup-Part-1/[/L][/L]
      and I keep getting an error that it cannot find the action script file that is made in tutorial 1, even though I have it in the same folder as the movie. If anyone has suggestions, please feel free to comment.