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    Pictures effect keeps moving on top of the picture?


      Sorry not sure how to word the question...


      Ugh how to start...Each thumbnail image is a link which enlarges to an easel to the right with a neat effect.


      If you move the cursor over a thumbnail it has a little effect on it (very transparent "snow" like on a TV screen)


      I don't know why Flash keeps "moving" (if you call it that) the snow effect on top of the thumbnails when I open the file at a later time. All I remember doing is just editing simple text and swapping one bitmap thats not even tied to the thumbnails.


      I can still click the thumbnails and they open to the right just fine. I just don't get why the "effect/link" moves on top of the thumbnails.


      If I delete the snow it deletes every effect on the website so they won't enlarge to the right. I don't care if I lose the effect but I don't remember/know how to make each thumbnail a link so they open on the spot I want.