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      What is the best way to keep track up-to-date copies on files?


      Here is what I do:

      I keep a full working copy of my websites on my computer. I make changes to those files and then upload them.


      Here's the problem:

      I have a couple of client editable pages - therefore I don't have a current copy of those pages on my computer and I risk overwriting those files.


      Dreamweaver syncronization doesn't work because:

      For some reason the server resets all the times and dates every now and then and tells me that all the files on the server are newer than mine. Also daylight savings time seems to be an issue because sometimes it says the server files are newer by one hour exactly.



      If the server date/time is not relevant, it's up to me to remember which files I have to download to update the files on my computer before I do a global upload back to the server.


      How do other people handle this?