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    How does renaming styles work...or not?

    John D 67995437 Level 1

      I wanted to change my RoboHelp style names from the hodge-podge that has grown up over the years to something cleaner.


      I expected that when I changed the style name in the Styles dialog, RoboHelp would obligingly scan through all the html topics and change the old style name to the new style name.


      That did not happen. The name is changed in the list in the Styles dialog and in the Styles and Formatting pane, but remained the same in the HTML.


      1) I assume this is the intended behavior and that Robohelp somehow keeps track of old style name that corresponds to new style name? Is that the way it works? Or did I miss a step somewhere that would have triggered the scan + replace I was expecting?


      If the names are not replaced in html, I don't want to rename the styles, since that would mean I would have to mentally translate between old name and new name every time I wanted to work directly in html, an impossible situation.


      But assume that some day I will have plenty of time and actually be able to go through the entire project and change the style names both in the html and in the UI:


      2) Does that mean I would need to use find and replace to change all the style namess in html?


      Just trying to figure out how it is supposed to be done.