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    Adobe Media Encoder MPEG2 pixel aspect ratio

    tonysilva955 Level 1

      I'm trying to output an MPEG2 for DG systems @ 720x512 but the pixel aspect ratio pulldown menu only gives picture aspect ratios (ie 4x3 or 16x9) and then gets the pixel aspect ratio automatically from that setting.  So @ 720x512 the pixel aspect ratio is 4:3(.948), but I need a .9 ratio.   When the source is 720x512 it adds black bars to the side, when the source is 720x480 it adds a little black to the top and bottom but stretches the image so it gets blurry.  I can render out an AVI at 720x512 with a .9 pixel aspect ratio, so why not an mpeg2? Any work arounds? Is it the same in CS5?


      I'm in CS4 on Vista64.