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    Append XML Data to create Drop Down List


      I am using Query Multiple Rows as XML to call a stored procedure that returns a list of employees (below is the exact XML structure).  I need to extract out the full_name from the XML on all nodes an return that through a data connection into my form for a drop down.


      Right now all I can do is create one huge string with the names.  I tried using concat but I can't append a new line character into concat.


      ---------- Begin XML Structure --------------------


                <employee_id type="varchar">123456</employee_id>
                <first_name type="nvarchar">John</first_name>
                <last_name type="nvarchar">Public</last_name>
                <middle_name type="nvarchar">Q</middle_name>
                <name_suffix type="nvarchar"></name_suffix>
                <preferred_name type="nvarchar">John</preferred_name>
                <full_name type="nvarchar">Public, John</full_name>
                <network_user_id type="varchar">jpublic</network_user_id>
                <job_code type="char">APPSYS</job_code>
                <job_title type="nvarchar">APPSYS</job_title>
                <job_level_code type="char">45</job_level_code>
                <job_level_description type="nvarchar">Manager Benefit Level</job_level_description>




      ---------- End XML Structure --------------------



      Thank you in advance!