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    Connecting Dreamweaver to new web host


      Fist, I have to say that I am very frustrated with Adobe support. I

      have never tried to use them before, and at this point would not again. I spent almost 2 hours on hold

      in the course of 4 calls trying to reach tech support. Finally, the 3rd

      operator told me, after another 10 minutes on hold, that my program is no longer supported.I have

      Dreamweaver MX 2004 and have been very happy with it for the 6 years I have been using it.

      Recently I changed web hosts and I can no longer get my pages to upload to the net. I'm sure it is probably a simple need to change some info in the system, but I'm lost. At first I could not connect at all, so I went in to the "manage site" and corrected my password. Now when I click to connect to remote host, the plug comes together and I appear to be connected. When I click on "Put", the page appears to go through, and the FTP log says the transfer is complete, but the page does no appear on my site. I have spoken to my host and everything appears good on that end. I'm not sure where to go from this point. I did have someone transfer my web site files from my old host to the new one, and the site seems to be functioning fine on the net, but I can't get it to make any changes. I had someone go over my site and optimize it, so there are some changes from the site that I had Dreamweaver on before. Is it possible that I'll have to completely download my site back onto my computer so that I'm working with the current pages from the web?

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          Donald Booth

          Sounds like a Host Directory issue.

          When you connect to your site via FTP, you are probably not in the web folder.

          The Host Directory field in the Remote Server category allows you to set the default folder for FTP.

          When you connect via FTP, do you see any folders?

          If one of them is named 'web' or 'html' or 'www' then that is probably it. You will see your existing site files.

          Let's say it's 'www'. You would put that in the Host Directory field. Now when you connect it will go directly to that folder.

          Once the Local and Remote sides look the same, you are ready to go.

          Hope this helps.

          Donald Booth

          Dreamweaver Quality Engineering

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            bregent Most Valuable Participant

            It's most likely a remote site definition issue. Did the new host specify a directory for public files? Did you include that in the remote path?