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    X & Y axis on tablet inverted in 270° screen rotation (CS5)


      Hey all,


      I'm trying to use Illustrator CS5 (as well as Photoshop CS5) on my Lenovo X61 Tablet (running Windows 7 32 bit) in 270° screen rotation (I think this is called secondary portrait mode in windows?), but my X and Y cursor positions are inverted. This means if my stylus is on the left half of the screen, my cursor will be on the right side, the same distance away from the right border as my stylus is from the left. Likewise if my stylus is somewhere in the top half of the screen, the cursor will be somewhere in the bottom half of the screen, the same distance from the bottom border as the stylus is from the top. The only time the cursor and stylus positions match is in the dead center of the screen.


      The stylus is working properly in other applications in this screen rotation, including InDesign CS5 (the only other Adobe product I've tried with this), just not in Illustrator or Photoshop. I'm guessing this is a bug related to Adobe interpreting the wacom data instead of the Windows UI (for pressure sensitivity, buttons, etc.), but if anyone has encountered this and has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated.