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        rfranssen Level 1

        Yes this is an "upgrade" problem. If the permissions had been set to copy those of the corresponding folders from CS4 there would be no problems. As it is I'm still debugging the CS5 Service Manager as we speak.

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          rfranssen Level 1

          CS5 Upgrade Path:


          Well most of the struggle is behind me. This is a HUGE permissions clusterf*ck and there are some other significant let downs but hey, its Adobe!


          1. Use a utility such as BATCHMOD to change and repair permissions. These are the areas to work with but may not be limited to these alone. I did enable viewing hidden files and had my console close at hand to monitor the progress.


          • User/Library/Adobe
          • User/Library/Preferences < all Adobe Preferences >
          • Applications < All Adobe Applications >



          You will need to add the User/Administrator for your computer to the ACL list and then apply those permissions to all the enclosed items. That should allow all the CS applications to write the necessary files in the appropriate locations.


          But, you will lose your workspaces, your custom actions, styles etc. Those can be found in the CS4 (3) folders and copied to the corresponding CS5 folders. The Adobe Extension manager will allow you to import the extensions you have loaded from previous versions.


          I imagine that Adobe is letting us do a lot of the beta testing ourselves. Hey I only lost a half a day! Hooray...



          Solved on a Mac

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            Believe me, I'm not defending them.

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              Ano74 Level 1

              R. Franssen wrote:


              Yes this is an "upgrade" problem. If the permissions had been set to copy those of the corresponding folders from CS4 there would be no problems. As it is I'm still debugging the CS5 Service Manager as we speak.

              Actually I WASN'T performing an upgrade install, I was installing FULL copy, it just so happens that I had previously attemted to install CS2, which never so much as ran, but apparently it was enough to screw up this install. 


              In any case I think Adobe needs to invest a bit more in quality control on the Mac platform.

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                Level 7

                Or am I missing something, Chris?

                Yes, you're missing the many employees posting fixes and working with customers to diagnose the problems.  (some of whom failed to get employee labels on their AdobeID account)


                Technical Support is also gathering reports of problems, and possible solutions.

                User submitted bug reports also help, when they include contact info so we can get in touch and help solve the issue.

                The crash reporter system is gathering data, and we have created bug reports from those and assigned them to engineers to investigate.


                You're seeing less than 5% of the troubleshooting going on.

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                  Bill Eger



                  You have earned a very enthusiastic note of appreciation for your detailed work. Alas, it's wasted on this old cowboy because the technical aspects of this mess are beyond my ken. In the "good old days" I was a programmer but the issues involved in 'service managers' and 'permissions' and using and repairing damage is just not possible. When you are 75 I hope you can still do it!


                  The arrogance of a monopoly such as Adobe holds in the creative suite functions -- if history is consistent -- will attract competition sooner or later. It's already 'later' for me and I hope Google gets busy or another group and they take the trouble to coordinate the various elements of a new creative software package. That similar functions are treated differently in their commands as you switch from Illustrator's needs to InDesign and over to Photoshop and I can't tell you how nervous I am that one day I'll have to use Flash. Perhaps by that time a truly unifying concept will be in charge and the suite that results will be far more powerful with much less grief and probably be available for half the price to a waiting and friendly customer base. They might even give you a free copy for being a beta tester and I bet there are those on this board who think that's a new idea.


                  There is possibly what seems to be competition between various groups, the constituency of programmers that 'owns' the different parts of the suites. That's why we have this problem with what should have been TASK ONE, thinking of successfully about installing the new code before you get too busy with the 'goodies' to take care of it properly and -- as a result -- the new stuff doesn't work.

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                    rfranssen Level 1



                    You are right that there are probably hundreds of forum posts, blogs and sites posting the fixes and work arounds. What is being said is that Adobe should have been aware of this problem — this is a simple problem. And there are many other small problems as well that are vexing like the loss of settings and customization. Plus the upgrade is not something that I believe we will be raving about. $600 and more is big outlay but more than that we would like for Adobe to be a bit more "Mac friendly" after all we were the original developers for the software. I feel like they've migrated to the Windows world and have neglected the Mac lately. Here's hoping they jump on the bandwagon but of course... we have to work out the kinks with Flash/HTML5 for now.

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                      Level 7

                      (OK, they didn't do a lot of testing...)

                      5000 users over a year and a half wasn't a lot of testing?



                      This permissions bug appeared after beta testing was completed, and before we shipped the builds to customers -- sometime during the suite integration of the installers.   We're still trying to figure out what went wrong.    We have many people working on a short term solution, and on long term fixes.


                      Stop with the insults and either help other users solve their problems, or sit back and wait for a fix.

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                        Well, looks like I'll be one of the "sit back and wait for the fix" types since I'll spend the next two days rebuilding my system since this entire mess has trashed it top to bottom.  I'll be watching the mailbox for a new set of CS5 Master Collection install disks sometime down the road.  This time, I'll wait a week or so to see how the new set of installation disks works for others before being a "guinea pig."  There are several features I really need in CS5, but the lost time can never be made up.  As an engineer and developer, I've always followed the rule of not being the first to jump on a new product...until now.  Man, I hate it when I have to tell students and coworkers how stupid I was to not follow my own advice.


                        I don't mean this as an insult, because I agree that insults will get us nowhere in solving the problem.  However, how can something this big sneak by 5000 users (beta testers?) over year and a half and not be isolated?  Something doesn't jive. 

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                          Level 7

                          However, how can something this big sneak by 5000 users (beta testers?) over year and a half and not be isolated?  Something doesn't jive.

                          Read what I said.

                          After beta testing is completed, the installer team finalizes things for the suite installers.  Somewhere in that process (AFTER beta testing), this bug was introduced.

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                            rfranssen Level 1

                            Yes I read what you said:


                            Somewhere between beta testing and your loyal users Adobe f*cked up. Now don't take that as an insult. I'm using the product right now. Everything is working and I'm evaluating. Anyone that asks for my help will get it. Loosen up and if the shoe fits...

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                              Bill Eger Level 1

                              Chris, In other words, installation was not part of the BETA -- public user -- testing.


                              So, how can it be that Adobe ships a product of this magnitude with clearly inadequate installation testing on the universe of your possible installation examples? You've built a great rifle but you forgot the bullets. Maybe Adobe is too big to succeed in the complexities of this fifth iteration of the Creative Suite. Hope not but there you are, wondering what went wrong. I, for one, know this isn't the only install problem.


                              Getting CS5 Photo Downloader to run in a system with CS4 installed is another one and others are mentioned. I'm sure there are more but hope not!


                              It's as important for us guys out here in your user base that Creative Suite 5 WORKS as it is for Adobe personnel. In our case, we lose business for lack of ability of software. Adobe folks almost certainly won't lose their jobs. Right?

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                                Level 7

                                So, how can it be that Adobe ships a product of this magnitude with clearly inadequate installation testing on the universe of your possible installation examples

                                We've been asking the same thing internally.

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                                  Bill Eger Level 1



                                  I'm sure that it is very difficult for all at Adobe and -- trust me on this -- those who have purchased CS5 are counting on your success.


                                  We wish you and all at Adobe well, of course.


                                  That said, Adobe might want to consider the stress at this end of the wire. Keeping your disappointed customers informed in detail will be helpful to them. What's the schedule for getting it right? Suggesting how to "go back" to CS4 without causing further problems might be helpful. You might want -- if you haven't already done it -- to open a separate forum strictly for specific emergencies caused by these installation problems -- HOW TO WORK WITH THEM. In other words, show your customers that Adobe really cares about this mess that is causing problems for their customers.


                                  That's all. Unless, of course, Adobe is planning some sort of  benefit to those who have been damaged. A free download of InCopy, for example, would be good. Many of us think it should have been part of Design Premium for a long time anyway.

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                                    GeofferyH Level 1

                                    From Mac Fixit:




                                    Sorry if this has already been covered here.

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                                      Bill Eger Level 1

                                      With gratitude for MacFixit's Topher Kessler wading in on this I have to admit that I can't follow it.


                                      Did as instructed, to the best of my ability, but going to his mentioned folders isn't productive for this old dude.


                                      I think we need more detail in the third paragraph before Topher lists the Library items. "What small plus sign," is the first question that comes to mind. I'm going to have to go back to school.

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                                        Ano74 Level 1

                                        We can walk you through it.


                                        Start at your Mac drive and move down to the folder they specify.


                                        For example, the ones that start with /username go down from your Home directory.  So there is a Library folder in your Home folder and one under your top hard disk directory. They are different.


                                        Once you find each directory, Right-Click on that folder.  Select "Get Info"
                                        Way on the bottom right you will see a lock.  Assuming you are logged into an account with admin privileges, click on the lock, and enter your login password. The lock will unlock.


                                        Now, look for your login name under Name.  On the right of it under Privilege it should say "Read & Write" but it likely only says "Read"
                                        To the left of the "Read" there are two tiny arrows to change the privileges. Click on that and select "Read & Write"


                                        If for some reason your login name is not on the list, you can add it.  On the bottom left is a + and a -
                                        Click on the + to add your name.  "Users & Groups" will show up and pick your username.  Again, make sure its "Read & Write" like it describes above. You should probably add the names of all users of Photoshop on this machine, and repeat, make sure they are added to the list and "Read & Write"


                                        Now do this for all the folders listed in the article.

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                                          Level 7

                                          Bill - I would post updates if I had them.

                                          I know the installer team is looking into this, and trying to create something to help customers with permissions issues (as well as fix the installers in the longer term).  But I don't know their progress. I have seen some of the installer people posting here, and that is good news -- I only hope they continue to do so.


                                          When we have news, we'll post it.

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                                            ... sorry to disturb ... just another of those guys sending error reports by the dozen. Fixed permissions single handed on each and every possible file affected. First got PS running, then Illustrator.


                                            Uninstalling and reinstalling, even with the cleaning tool, didn't do the job. Only the permission thing worked, and only manually. Using the mentionned batchmod-way didn't solve all the problems for some reason or another.


                                            Self using OS 10.6.3. / Mac Book Pro 3.06 Ghz 8GB


                                            Was happy to be on Mac so far, not having to use the PC crap. This workaround cost me more than the new software ... any chance to deduce that from income tax?

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                                              VideoBuddy Level 1

                                              Just spent a day installing a new drive in my Mac Pro for the OS and Aps.  I updated everything and eventually installed Master Collection CS5 without anything else on the drive with the exception of the ability to connect to the internet.  Upon opening and closing PS CS5, I still get the message that Photoshop CS5 has crashed. 


                                              Apparently, this has nothing to do with having CS4 previously installed on our systems and I am about as angry as I have ever been in my life. This is complete garbage for software.  I think Steve Jobs really knows what he is taking about when he addresses Adobe's ability to handle software development. Sorry if that is seen as an insult.  As this point it is intended as both an opinion and an insult.  To anyone considering CS5 as a buy....don't!  You will regret it as it will trash your system from top to bottom.  Maybe months from now as all of us as customers have identified all the things that should have been identified and fixed in Beta testing are fixed, it will be worth something.  Right now it is an albatross that will take your system into unusable territory....also known as junk software.  It would be hard to imagine a virus, netbot, trojan, or anything else developed by the scum that do such things that would cause more damage to a user's system.  Is this worth the $2500?  What do you think I think?

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                                                Level 7

                                                You will regret it as it will trash your system from top to bottom. 

                                                I agree, the installers shouldn't make the mess they do.

                                                But gross and irresponsible exaggeration of the problem won't help.


                                                The installer do sometimes mess up the permissons on some Adobe specific directories.

                                                They don't do anything to most of your system.

                                                The only things they can "damage" are the Creative Suite apps.

                                                And they are still working fine for 95%+ of the users.


                                                We're hounding them to get a fix posted.

                                                But, again, exaggerating the problem and trying to scare other users is not going to help anything.

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                                                  VideoBuddy Level 1


                                                  I fully understand what you are saying.  However, in my case, my statement about this installation taking your entire system down is not an over-exageration.  I am still rebuilding my system for the second time.  The first time I had CS4 Master Collection in my system and all permission mumbo jumbo, along with the attempts to fix the permissions, managed to not only lock out or make unusable many of my programs, it also put a lock on my RAID drive inside my Mac Pro.  No one anywhere had an explanation and none of the Apple or third party software I tried could unlock it.  The only solution was to destroy the RAID and start over, which I did.  I even put in a brand new hard drive for my OS and Aps.  After getting all the updates on the new fresh OS install (10.6.3), the only program I put on the system is Master Collection CS5.  The very first use of Photoshop, I get a crash report.  So, I do not believe any of my statements are over-exagerated.  I cannot image a virus, a worm, or a trojan causing more damage.


                                                  Fingers are crossed that you have your engineers working 24/7 to get this figured out and a fix sent out ASAP.


                                                  Thanks and please share any updates the minutes you have information.

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                                                    afbobak Level 1

                                                    The solution that worked for me:


                                                    1) Open Terminal

                                                    2) cd ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe

                                                    3) sudo chown -R YOURUSERNAME .

                                                    4) cd ~/Library/Preferences

                                                    5) sudo chown -R YOURUSERNAME .


                                                    Replace "YOURUSERNAME" with... well, obviously with your own username.

                                                    You need to enter the admin password after the sudo command.


                                                    After this, no more crashes and Preferences get saved as well.


                                                    Note: it changes user ownership to yourself, which all the files in those folders

                                                    should be anyway.


                                                    For some obscure reason the Adobe CS5 installer creates the default user

                                                    preference folders with the Admin permissions instead of the current user

                                                    permissions. Fix that, and your problem will be solved.



                                                        -Andreas F. Bobak

                                                    AfB Studio GmbH · Trittligasse 4 · CH-8001 Zürich · http://www.afb-studio.com · MwSt 566 449

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                                                      Use the control + click the adobe cs5 app. That should do the trick.

                                                      • 64. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit

                                                        I've had this problem also, I can't seem to get it to fix itself... so I'm going to reinstall it.

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                                                          BradMacPro Level 1

                                                          That video card is not supported by Apple, so if the 3rd party driver is lacking, you will have to consider talking to them, not Apple nor Adobe. Yes it's listed for Mac OS X under the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine info for Premiere Pro CS5. Adobe's specs on the web aren't perfect.

                                                          • 66. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                            BradMacPro Level 1

                                                            ...I have solved the permission problem of CS5 not being able to save your preferences on exit. You need to add read/write permissions to

                                                            /users/<your username>/library/preferences/adobe.


                                                            On my installation of CS5 without changing any permissions, I already am showing my user account to be the owner of the ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/ with Read & Write permissions


                                                            Not that I'm having problems like you folks, but the CS5ServiceManager folder came in with the owner set to system with Read & Write permissions and staff group also with Read & Write permissions. While there may be issues with the Adobe installer. it seems to be OK for some people. Perhaps I maintain my permissions properly before I install software. I suspect Adobe software engineers do too.

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                                                              BradMacPro Level 1

                                                              I installed CS5 on a Mac Pro system with CS4 and for that matter parts of CS3, running Mac OS 10.6.3 and have not had any problems. I also installed CS5 on a brand new MacBook Pro, also without any problems.

                                                              • 68. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                                VideoBuddy Level 1


                                                                I bought the video card from Apple online and was told how to install it by Apple experts.  If that isn't support from Apple, please explain to me what is. You can still buy the card from the Apple store online.  Just checked and it is still there.


                                                                Also, I run "fix permissions" once a day and before and after every installation of anything.  Please tell me what I'm doing that is "not taking care of my permissions properly."  It sounds like you have some magic trick for your permissions and it would be good to share it with the rest of us. 

                                                                • 69. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                                  BradMacPro Level 1

                                                                  OK, so it's news to me that Apple is now selling this card after the fact, not as build to order option. EVGA makes the drivers, and the reviews have not been 100% nice.

                                                                  As I said, particularly in the case of the new MacBook Pro, I just installed CS5 after installing the Apple updaters and before anything else and it worked just fine. I used the downloaded trial software plus a serial number. I latter added Acrobat 9 Pro and InDesign CS4 from CS4 Master Collection and assorted other goodies and things are all just fine, no special permissions fix, just once at the end because I installed Flash Player which always needs fixes. CS5 doesn't seem to like MM fonts, so replace old fonts with OTF modern ones. I can't be blessed by Adobe and every time I've installed CS5 it works because of that, but still, that has been my experience. And by the way, it didn't upset my Highpoint RocketRAID 3522 driven external 8 drive bootable RAID 6 array either. Also I use only admin accounts with a non-black password. I've heard folks without that having problems.

                                                                  • 70. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                                    Bill Eger Level 1



                                                                    Consider this. If Apple is so reliable, how is it they sell LaCie external drives from their Apple Store? Or have they figured that one out?


                                                                    Cowboy Bill

                                                                    • 71. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                                      BradMacPro Level 1

                                                                      Last I checked they still sold LaCie desktop drives with the flakey power supply. They don't know about this problem. They also sell other brands that are not in fact bootable. They don't know everything. Heck, I don't know everything, but I have a better track record as a consultant since 1993.

                                                                      • 72. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                                        Bill Eger Level 1

                                                                        They know about the power supply. Trust me on that. But the customers aren't aware -- though they should be, I guess -- that LaCie doesn't manufacture the discs. What you get inside is whatever was 'on sale' that day and it could be a Seagate, Western Digital or another brand. There are those who think it is the cause of LaCie drive failures because of possible mismatch with disc and card specs.


                                                                        The issue with CS5 is thought among other things to be graphic card problems in some older Macs. One very alert Adobe tech support gentleman asked about my card and checked it with the folks upstairs but that was not my problem.


                                                                        The problem CS5 is having seems to focus on the failure of the installer to save and transfer permissions and other settings from CS4 or wherever to CS5 apps. How that can happen in a major Adobe upgrade may be a story we can tell our grandkids. I've suggested that those of us with problems caused by this failure should be offered a free download of InCopy which would be a sensible addition to CS5 Design Premium anyway. It should be part of InDesign, in other words.

                                                                        • 73. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                                          BradMacPro Level 1

                                                                          LaCie should make the power supply handle the peak surge current needs for the worst offending internal hard drive and the most marginally out of spec FireWire bridge board. While the OpenGL drivers could cause a performance problem, it should not cause a crashing problem. I would imagine the installer uses the same criteria for permissions as Apple's, the contents of the /Library/Receipts/ folder. Some folks delete files from here to free up disk space. As for Adobe's beta program, as I understand it, the beta testers had installers for individual programs and didn't have this problem. Us final version, either trial downloaders or retail DVD users, have a combined installer for the suite. This combo overall suite installer seems to have problems for some users. Don't know why. As I said earlier, a essential virgin MacBook Pro and my heavy used 2009 Mac Pro both had no issues with the trial installation of Master Collection, followed by a serial number. No problem reported for the trial download of Photoshop CS5 Extended as well. I'm guessing something like anti-virus software or something else running in the background, is getting in the way.

                                                                          • 74. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                                            BradMacPro Level 1

                                                                            Back to the topic at hand, I always turn off every language but English in the International System Preference panel as a first thing. Maybe that step is important for proper CS5 installation.

                                                                            • 75. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                                              Level 7

                                                                              Brad - no.  We test on systems with every language enabled, localized keyboards, etc.

                                                                              • 76. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                                                BradMacPro Level 1

                                                                                I imagine you do but as didn't have a problem and some did, the 

                                                                                disabling of other languages is atypical action prior to installation 

                                                                                and may possibly have a bearing on why mine worked and theirs did not.


                                                                                Sent from my iPhone 3G

                                                                                • 77. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit

                                                                                  I am having the same problem with CS5 and am not a "techie".  I get the "Photoshop Closed Unexpectedly" message every time I close the program. I have tried uninstalling and installing with no solution.  I have executed the "fix permissions" and there does not seem to be an error.  Have you found a solution?   Thank you for your help.

                                                                                  • 78. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit
                                                                                    Bill Eger Level 1

                                                                                    Reply to Susie David


                                                                                    It will speed Adobe's help to you if you can add some pertinent information.


                                                                                    What CS5 product are you using? There are many different 'packages' and they need to know that.


                                                                                    Is this an upgrade or is this the first CS product you have purchased?  if an upgrade, from what package, CS5 Design Premium? Other?


                                                                                    And, very important, what computer are you using and what is your present operating system.


                                                                                    Adobe Tech Support is under a lot of stress because this is a common problem and it will speed their help to you with those answers.


                                                                                    Good luck!

                                                                                    • 79. Re: CS5 Crashes on Quit

                                                                                      The CNET article was right.  However, on my installation, the following directories seem to be the ones with incorrect permissions.


                                                                                      chmod -R u+rw ~/Library/{Preferences,Application\ Support,Adobe}
                                                                                      chmod: Unable to change file mode on /Users/jperrie/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Extension Manager CS5: Operation not permitted
                                                                                      chmod: Unable to change file mode on /Users/jperrie/Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CS5 Settings: Operation not permitted
                                                                                      chmod: Unable to change file mode on /Users/jperrie/Library/Preferences/ExtendScript Toolkit: Operation not permitted


                                                                                      So, I think the only real fix required is this:


                                                                                      sudo chmod -R u+rw ~/Library/Preferences