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    FALSE Error MSG - WorkflowLab Install FAIL

    Truce Community Member

      ------------------- EDITED ------------------------

      After I posted, I decided to delete the install

      folder and try to install again. Just for kicks

      I tested the app via finder and it loaded just

      fine. So, the badge installer gave a false

      positive error msg on fail. -- FYI --



      I tried to install WorkflowLab alpha via the site's badge installer.

      The badge detected that AIR needed to be install - and I *think*

      that part was successful. When it started to install WorkflowLab

      it returned a generic error msg stating that it failed to install.


      I pressed the Try Again button and then the installer sees the

      failed install folders and aborts saying it was already install.

      And then suggest I choose a different folder to install.


      Intel Xeon Quad Core Mac Pro

      OS X 10.6.1


      Please Advise.