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    Sorting of mts / m2ts clips

    Eric 13 Level 1

      I'm having trouble getting clips sorted correctly in time sequence.


      I'm trying to make a simple home movie from clips taken on a Panasonic ZS3 camera.  The Panasonic records in AVCHD Lite, and names the clips sequentially, e.g., 00000.mts, 00001.mts, etc.  I used Elements 8 to import the clips from the camera without renaming them.  In the organizer, they are sometimes not in sequence.  After some digging, I noticed that if there is more than one clip per minute, Elements put them in arbitrary order (sometimes right, sometimes wrong).  Apparently it doesn't use or doesn't have access to clip time in seconds, but only in minute granularity.  Since my only choices are to sort ascending or descending time (no filename choice), I can't get my clips onto the timeline in the proper sequence without doing it one by one (no way I'm going to spend that time).


      If I use the Panasonic software (PhotoFunStudio) to import the clips from camera to hard disk, it renames them where the filename includes seconds and fractional seconds.  It may retrieve this data from other files stored on the camera (each mts file has other files with similar names, e.g. 00001.mts is accompanied by 00001.cpi which apparently holds clip info).


      Soooo....  Is my problem with Adobe or with the metadata?  Is the timestamp available in m2ts metadata and being ignored, or is it simply not available to Elements? And if it's available to Elements, is there some way for me to get Elements to use that data?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You're asking the Organizer to read PhotoFunStudio's metadata?


          What happens if you use the Premiere Elements Media Downloader to retrieve the video instead?


          Also, do ensure that you've selected the correct project preset for your Premiere Elements project. AVCHD Lite is a sort of marginally supported format in Premiere Elements -- so you'll want to ensure that you've chosen the 1280x720 hard drive project preset and not an AVCHD preset if you hope to successfully work with this video.

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            Eric 13 Level 1

            No, I'm not asking it to read PhotoFunStudio's metadata.  I am hoping to never use PhotoFunStudio (PFS) again and instead work entirely within Premiere Elements (PE).


            The problem I described is what happens if I work entirely within PE. PE seems to only know time stamps to within one minute of granularity.  Possibly it is using Windows file time stamps instead of EXIF-like metadata.  I have searched the web for about an hour and can't figure out whether there's any metadata in the m2ts file format.


            I can solve the problem by importing in PFS which renames the files (00001.mts taken 4/4/10 at 14:56:18 becomes 20100404_145618.m2ts), then working in PE.  I just don't like this solution because I don't want to be tied to PFS.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              As far as I know, the Organizer will always use the date the video was saved to the hard drive, not the date on the file's metadata. Sorry.