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    Problem defining a site in Dreamweaver CS4




      I have a client who wants to edit his site in Dreamweaver CS4. I helped him set up the site on his computer, but now when he opens the site in Dreamweaver, no files are appearing under the Files tab.


      We had it set up so that he would save the site files locally in a web folder on his computer and then upload everything to his server with FTP software when he was finished the edits. Dreamweaver is no longer seeing this folder on his computer. He tells me that he has never moved this folder. So, I can't figure out why it is not appearing under the Files tab in Dreamweaver.


      I have tried going through the process (over the phone) of getting him to define a new site in the "Manage Sites" window. I was hoping that this would define a new folder for all the files to be stored, but a strange thing is happening during this process.


      In the Site Definition window when he gets to the screen that says "Where on your computer do you want to store your files?", I asked him to click on the folder icon, and navigate to the web folder (where the website files are stored) on his computer and click "Choose".


      Normally when I do this, the path to the selected web folder then appears in the field beside the folder icon, but when he navigates to that folder and clicks "Choose" nothing appears in the field beside the folder icon.


      Then at the end of the site definition process nothing appears below the files tab. Normally this window would display all of the files in the selected web folder at the end of the site definition process.


      Could anyone tell me why this is not working, and why my client is unable to select a folder for storing website files through Dreamweaver? Could Dreamweaver be corrupted, or am I doing something wrong?



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          I have found that if you click on the folder and when it opens, make sure  it says "SELECT" and then it should show up in the "Local Site Folder", and he has to choose SAVE at the bottom.  I've found that sometimes when I click on the folder and leave the mouse over the folder inside its window, it will not say SELECT but OPEN by just hovering over a folder inside the root folder.