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    Air App for TV

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      I'm going to create an AIR application that will display video using a standard TV.

      I was wondering if there is any "media player" available that I can use. It should of course support AIR. I don't want to use a regular computer, something like Roku would be just perfect (output to any TV, wireless, HD).


      Any ideas?

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          storm767 Level 1

          Thanks for your response.


          Building the app is easy, I have worked with the OSMF. What I really need is to find a device that I can install an AIR application in, that has wireless connection and outputs to standard TVs.



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            storm767 Level 1

            This could be an options, but probably doesn't have enough power.




            If anyone knows "the perfect" device, please let me know.

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              David_F57 Level 5



              I created my own multimedia device using a mini-itx motherboard with linux installed on a compactflash card through a cf to sata interface. There are several small integrated motherboards that allow you to do this sort of thing. Usually they fit into cases similar to what you mentioned and run on 60 watt external power supplies.


              For what you want to do I think building your own box maybe a better option.



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                storm767 Level 1

                Thanks David,


                Can you please tell me why is this a better option? I can see more flexibility starting with the motherboard, but also I would have to find the correct components and make sure they will work.


                any comments will be appreciated.

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                  David_F57 Level 5



                  With mini-itx motherboards you have a fully integrated board, hdmi out, video out(on some boards). For instance the atom boards with dual core processors with 2 gb ram will give you all the power you need for a multimedia player(they can struggle a little with full HD resolution under windows pre 7). There is no fans so they are quiet, you get to choose what OS you want to use, actually ReactOS(windows clone) is great for this type of device.


                  The main reason to use flashbased RAM for the OS is speed. This device will boot up in under 15 secs. You can add a tuner for more complete pvr solutions. Basically you get the small foot print for a device with all the flexibility of a fully fledged computer.


                  http://www.mini-itx.com/store/ - this will give you an idea of just what you can build and the sort of prices the box would cost.


                  my media box is a minix m/b with 4gb ram 2.9ghz dual X64 amd, integrated Radeon 4200HD, hdmi/dvi/video, total cost $350 with a 250gb 2.5 hdd and a hd tuner. Its more powerful and expandable than any pvr/media player and a lot cheaper.



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                    storm767 Level 1

                    Hi David,


                    One more question. did you create the software for your HTPC? or did you use an existing app?

                    I want to create it using AIR, but not sure if I will be able to ready the input from a tv turner card. what do you think?



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                      I wrote my own software using delphi, I think that it maybe a bit of a stretch using AIR but then I haven't had a chance to see just how powerful the air 2.0 for native OS is. You could possibly use a hybrid approach. Just remember that with OSMF you are restricted in available video codecs. Then there is the interfacing to things like tuner cards remote controls etc...this can be a problem with normal win32 development software let alone Flex based.