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    How to uninstall photoshop elements 6


      Mac 10.6.3

      Just installed elements 8 for the Mac and elements 6 was not overwritten.

      Elements 6 is not to be simply trashed and needs to be uninstalled except I cant find the uninstaller for this version.

      It's not in the 6 folder in Applications. Where is it? I admit that I know very little about Photoshop Elements.

      Also, I haven't tried anything on Elements 8 for Mac yet but I've read some of the features and they keep mentioning the Organizer button.

      Where is the Organizer button on Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac?

      Searching for Organizer in Help only brings me to Windows versions of help even when I select Mac.

      And what's with Adobe Bridge CS3, now that there is a Adobe Bridge CS4 can CS3 be trashed or do I need an uninstaller for that too?

      Adobe sure doesn't make anything easy. Elements 8 was confusing to install and now it's even harder to uninstall 6 and CS3.

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          I am not really sure if your system has Control Panel but usually it is uninstalled there. If you know where it is then it's pretty easy to uninstall it. Look for a program that is similar with windows control panel in your system.


          good luck.

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            Bob Leahy Level 2

            Why do you want to uninstall Elements 6?  Why not just leave it on your hard disk, or just drag Elements 6 to the trash?


            I'm running a Mac with system 10.6.3.  I have both Elements 6 and Elements 8 on my Mac hard disks.  I use both.  There hasn't been any problem.  Both load, both work, and both can save pictures. 


            Normally, I would have trashed Elements 6 when I installed Elements 8.  I left Elements 6 installed because I'm taking an Elements class that uses Elements 6.


            There hasn't been any problem.  I've had both versions loaded and running at the same time, and it never caused any problems or conflicts or crashes.

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              Ankush Ved Level 4



              PSE 6 should be uninstalled *ONLY* through its own uninstaller which can be located at below location and the same is application for any other Adobe application as well. Moving the application to Trash is never a suggested route because it leaves many files, folders and entries in database on the system.

              Here is the location to find the uninstaller for PSE 6:

              <Macintosh HD>\Applications\Utilities\Adobe Installers\Adobe Photoshop Elements 6


              I understand that the uninstaller was a bit hidden in PSE 6, and hence we improved upon it and created an uninstall alias inside the Adobe Photoshop Elements 8\ folder in PSE 8 to improve the intuitiveness. If there are any further suggestions for PSE 8 install/uninstall workflow. Fee free to share them.


              Regarding Bridge CS3, it will get removed from the machine along with PSE 6, once you uninstall it through Adobe uninstaller in above location.


              Organizer in PSE 8 is only on Windows. Mac version uses Bridge CS4 for organizing and viewing media.




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                Hi, I just found this useful thread.

                Before installing PS Elements 11 for Mac, I want to uninstall my old version 6 for Mac, hence I startet the uninstaller. I got the message:


                "If you would like to install your software on a different computer, be sure to deactivate it before uninstalling it. To deactivate your software launch Adobe Photoshop Elements or one of its components."


                Therefore I cancelled the uninstaller and launched PSE, but how can I deactivate it now...?


                Another question: In the "Adobe Installers" folder there isn't only the uninstaller alias to "Adobe Photoshop Elements 6" but also another alias to "Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2". What's that? Do I need this or should I uninstall this too?


                Many thanks!

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                  Andromeda14 Level 3

                  To deacticate PSE, launch PSE Editor and click 'Help->Deacticate'.

                  Regarind 'Adobe ExtendScript toolkit 2', it is an application which is used for automation (and  related tasks). You need not to worry about it. Just uninstall PSE only and let it remain as it is.



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                    twinkle-twinkle Level 1

                    Thanks for your answer.


                    There is no menu item "Deactivate" in my Help menu.

                    Is it possible that I've never activated my version 6 for Mac, though I've used it for years?

                    So can I go on with uninstalling?


                    Regarding "Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2": Where did it come from? Was it installed with PSE 6 for Mac? In this case I would want to uninstall it too. (How?)


                    Or did it come with an other (free) Adobe app?


                    Many thanks again!!

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                      twinkle-twinkle Level 1

                      I'm afraid it wasn't a good idea to add my questions to the end of this old thread. I just thought PSE 6/Mac is quite old and wouldn't want to start a new thread for it. I really would appreciate answers to my last posting. I still haven't started deinstalling/installing, but need to do this soon. Thanks!!

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                        Barbara B. Level 7

                        There is no activation for PSE 6 unless you bought it via the Buy It Now button in the trial.

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                          twinkle-twinkle Level 1

                          Hi Barbara & thanks -- no I had bought the disk version - but the uninstaller showed this message. Anyway - I'll ignore it.


                          And for that "Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit 2" (the alias is also dated November 2008) - what's that for? - can I uninstall it too? (How...?)

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                            Barbara B. Level 7

                            If you still have it (and not just the alias for it), just put it in the trash. But it worries me that you still have it. What uninstaller did you use?

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                              I apologize for replying to this forum regarding a dreadfully old (but still awesome!) program...  I have Elements 6 installed on an old computer, and have since gotten a new computer that doesn't die on me every five seconds.  I got Elements as part of a software package that came with a Wacom tablet I got about four years ago.  I can't remember in what format the software came, but I am also getting the warning to deactivate it if I want to transfer it to a new computer.  I can't seem to find the "deactivate" option in the Help menu either; what should I do?  Should I just proceed with uninstalling and hope for the best?

                              I'd buy a new version, but I'm a grad student in no better financial shape than the typical university student.

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                                Bob Leahy Level 2

                                I’m not sure if Photoshop Elements does it, but some software developers have their software periodically “phone home” to them.  The software reports back to the developer’s web site and says, “Hi, I’m serial number 12345v6 and I’m running on a computer with the serial number of C02FCCD7DF92”.  I don’t know the reporting interval, but let's say this phone home process happens once a week.  This phone home process can only happen when you have launched the software on a computer and that computer is connected to the Internet.


                                By recording and comparing the serial numbers, this allows the software developer to know if you have installed this version of the software on more than one computer - which is a real No-No.


                                I don’t know that Photoshop Elements is using this phone home option, but how else could Adobe know that you are running the same serial number of Elements on two different computers?  It’s not as though you’re phoning Adobe.


                                I don’t believe that there is a “deactivate” option that you need to select.  What if the old computer had died yesterday, and you no longer could launch Elements to select a deactivate option?


                                If I’m right, you could “deactivate” the software, if you just stop using Elements on the old computer.  That’s a bit dangerous because if you were to accidentally launch this software on the old computer - it will phone home.


                                To insure that you are safe, I’d uninstall the version by putting the version of Elements on the old computer in the trash, and emptying the trash.  You then would only have the software installed on one computer.


                                Bob Leahy

                                Chief Executive Loafer


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                                  Barbara B. Level 7

                                  Widespread activation only came in with PSE 8. There's no deactivate option for most versions of PSE 6. However, you can't copy over the installed copy, if that's what you're thinking of doing. PSE must be installed from scratch on each new computer, since the installer is a very complex beast that puts things in many places on your hard drive. So you would need your original installation media, unless you are planning to clone the complete system over.