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    Script Request


      OK I don't know anything about scripting other then I think it is the solution to what I want to perform.  Can I get a script to add a watermark (user input text) to multiple images and save them to a different location?  What I am looking at doing is adding a photographers initials and location to all the photos taken at a photoshoo.  I want the text to be at the lower left corner, embossed, and about 20% opaque so you can see it but can still see what is under it.  I have done this with actions but to get the user to enter the initials and location with the action they have to do it to every image.  I want them to only have to do it at the beginning of the script running.

      Is this possible and if so can someone help me with this as I have no clue as to how to write a script.

      Thanks in advance.


      I am using CS4 on a Windows XP Pro platform