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    MovieClip (parent) problem

    celebritymusic Level 1



      I have a movie clip on the stage.  Within this movieclip, I have (among other things) a button, which when clicked navigates the user to frame 10 on the root timeline using this code:




      On frame 10, I have for testing purposes...


      trace("getting here");



      It works fine the first time I click the button - it outputs "getting here".  However, subsequent clicks don't output anything.  I'd like Flash to run the code on that frame each time the button is clicked.


      I tried using gotoAndPlay instead of gotoAndStop, and it plays the code every second click.


      Ideally, I want Flash to goto that frame, execute the code, and stop on that frame.  If the button is clicked again, repeat.


      How do I make that happen?


      Thanks for your help guys.