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    iPad development question


      I've installed CS5 and effectively ported a flash application I had developed to my iPhone. Brilliant, fast, and seamless (even if I did have to increase the size of all my buttons to accommodate fingers rather than a mouse)


      Here's my question: An attempt to create an iPad version failed. I can successfully install the 320x480 px iPhone app to the iPad, but I cannot create a 1024x768 project in Flash and port it to the iPad. Everything works well to the point of installing it, when iTunes throws up an error.


      Has anyone successfully created an app for iPad that is native resolution? The Adobe blog page showed such things, but no one has posted any kind of tip or tutorial to that end.

      Any ideas would be very helpful. Thanks!



      Granted, yes, the CS5 --> iPod development concept through the iTunes store is a dead issue due to corporate one-upmanship, but there are many of us who do ad-hoc and enterprise deployment who couldn't care less, since we don't need Apple's OK to create apps (^_^)