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    I'v read all over the internet for decent export settings for mpg but cant find any. Please help.



      I have been searching for good export settings to use as I export my mpg files in adobe premier cs4

      But all my results are so crapy!

      I can see they are good in premiere, but after export they are as bad as if I would use windows movie maker.


      I found that AVI uncompressed only gives out the sound, no images.

      Avi compressed gives that bad look.

      QT animation gives also bad look.

      Mp4 got a max resolution of 340 x 240, so we not even gona discust that one..


      My movies are in native MOD files. I convert em by simply changing the extension to mpg

      720x576 resolution

      25 fps

      48k Hz compressed audio


      Any more info needed?

      Thanks alot for helping me, I really looked at many threads and stuff

      over internet to find a solution but i couldn't.


      This is really urgent, the movie MUST be done within 2 days. Or else i get an F