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    PS CS 4 my extract filter keeps disappearing - help?


      I'm using Photoshop CS 4 for OS X, and a fortnight ago I d/l the goodies that contained the extract filter, and although the extract filter stayed in place (in my filters) for a time (a short time), after which it has now disappeared. I don't want to have to keep going back to my desktop, choosing "goodies, etc" and replacing the extract filter - now the correct d/l file that I have on my desktop is grayed out - it's PHSPCS4...t_ls1.dmg - so I was only able to select it in Photoshop > Preferences > Plug Ins only 1 time and no longer after that one time (in order to replace it after it has disappeared from my Filters.)


      And when I finally do get that extract back (which I need help with in getting it back as I've been unable to do - see above), how do I make it stay put in my filters for as long as I have my photoshop installed on my computer?


      Thanks in advance.