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    Flash CS5 crashing when saving

    The Buke Level 1

      OK! What's the deal?


      I have just purchased Adobe Master Collection CS5, all $4400 worth! To give the software it's credit, I formatted my HDD and clean installed Win 7 x64 OS. I then clean installed the entire CS5 suite! As I have to somewhat justify the purchase to my boss (who paid for the software), I have gone to continue doing some work, (not even trying out new features!!), I needed to complete a task, so I got onto it.


      I opened up an existing file which was created using CS4, noticed a few bugs that arose when published out using CS5 (mainly around the way that fonts were referred as), fixed those, then all was going well. As we have all done, I got involved with the work, and worked for a long time without saving. I realised this and quickly went to save. The dialog box came up advising that it needed to change versions to CS5 (rather than the original CS4), so I cancelled out and did a file Save As.


      I thought I would create a new file so that if anything went wrong, I would have a backup. BLOODY LUCKY I DID, as when I went to save as, Flash crashed, loosing all the work I did. I did manage to get a screenshot of some of my AS which was lucky, but when I looked into the folder where I tried to save, there was a completley useless *.fla of 1kb in size which was completely corrupted and couldn't open up.


      Resigned to the fact that I lost all my work (nothing new - as we all know it happens every now and then), I thought I would open up Flash, and the very first task would be to save it as CS5 format. Low and behold, flash crashes again, again leaving a corrupted file in it's place. For $4400, you would think you could at least save the work you have done!!


      In other tests, it seems it can save new files, and some simple animations created in CS4, but what the hell do I do with all the existing work that I have spent the last year developing? Can someone please help me, as I really cannot work until this issue is resolved.




      Duncan Buchanan

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          kcournoyer Level 1

          I'm having the exact same problem. Flash CS5 keeps crashing and corrupting files I've spent hours and hours creating. This is insane. I hope someone answers your plea. I've just WASTED two days. I have nothing but a collection of corrupted FLA files to show for my time.

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            The Buke Level 1

            Seriously for the amount of money we have paid, it is ridiculous!! I am pretty eager for a fix ASAP... It's pretty hard to justify to the boss that his $ were well spent when you can't even work!

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              The Buke Level 1

              OK, if anyone from Adobe land is reading this, would you be able to help me!


              I seriously cannot do any work until this problem is fixed. Is there anyway I could send you my file, and see if it happens to you also? I have spent the last year on this one project and the interface gets developed monthly, without this interface the work that I am doing will not function.


              Someone please help!

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                The Buke Level 1

                Still hoping for someone to help me!!


                This is the error message I recieve:


                Problem signature:
                  Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
                  Application Name: Flash.exe
                  Application Version:
                  Application Timestamp: 4badda9d
                  Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
                  Fault Module Version: 6.1.7600.16385
                  Fault Module Timestamp: 4a5bdb3b
                  Exception Code: c0150010
                  Exception Offset: 000845bb
                  OS Version: 6.1.7600.
                  Locale ID: 3081
                  Additional Information 1: 0a9e
                  Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
                  Additional Information 3: 0a9e
                  Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

                Read our privacy statement online:
                  http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0409 the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:


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                  ReDrUmNZ Level 1

                  I'm experiencing the exact same issues too under Windows 7 64bit. Flash is crashing VERY OFTEN during the save process. Both Save... and Save As... are affected.


                  Save corrupts my FLA and Save As corrupts both my new FLA  _AND_ the original FLA! Very frustrating!


                  Sometimes it corrupts the file into a 1kb FLA (All work is lost). Sometimes it leaves the original filesize in tact however says 'Unexpected File Format' when you try to open it. Fautunately when the file size is left in tact I can extract the library assets due to the new XFL format (FLA is now a compressed XFL archive and can be extracted via WinRAR etc) however the DomDocument.xml file is corrupted which contains the timeline data.


                  Today I saved an FLA without it crashing. It said the save completed successfully. I then closed the file and reopened it shortly after only to find it was now corrupted too. Again the DomDocument.xml file is corrupt. This is beyond a joke Adobe! Is this a known issue? Is there a fix in the works?


                  The issue seems to be around Saving FLA to a network drive. I haven't had any crashes occur while saving the file locally (yet?). Also I've found that saving your Files as Uncompressed XLF seems to prevent crashing. It's my assumption the crashes are triggered during the compression/uncompression process when working with and saving FLA files.

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                    The Buke Level 1

                    I have been contacted by Adobe, and I they are looking at one of my files as we speak. I really hope they get a fix soon!!! I am having the EXACT same issues as you are!

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                      ReDrUmNZ Level 1

                      Awesome. Please let me know the results. I feel your pain, It's very frustrating indeed! Flash has never worked well on Windows 7. CS4 seemed to take 10 times longer to compile SWF's than it did under OSX or Windows XP/Vista. CS5 compile times are back to normal which is good. At least CS4 didnt crash and corrupt your files though!

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                        nrajbhan Level 3



                        Thanks for sending me your FLA.  It looks like the following library asset is corrupted – “08 - Help Menu/Images/progress.gif”.  Even in Flash CS4, you will see a “Preview not available” message when selecting it in the Library and you can’t drag it onto the stage.


                        If you delete this asset from the Library, you will be able to save your file in Flash CS 5.




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                          dikuno10 Level 1

                          How come Adobe could release Flash CS5 with this massive "Library Asset" bug? Maybe Adobe should have released a Beta after all!


                          Lucky I haven't been hit...

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                            The Buke Level 1

                            Are there any thoughts of fixing this issue in a patch? The problem I have is that I have 1000's of flash files, and if I need to update any, I am worried that Flash will crash, corrupt my file and leave me with a useless *.fla file.



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                              kcournoyer Level 1



                              I'm sorry I've dropped out of this discussion. Quite simply, I gave up and

                              went back to an earlier and more stable version of Flash. I'll continue to

                              work with the old version, until all the obvious bugs in CS5 are fixed.

                              Also, I'm urgently learning HTML 5's animation capabilities. I look forward

                              to leaving Flash behind in the future.




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                                The Buke Level 1

                                If it's the same as my issue, it seems as though it is something to do with a corrupt file in your library. Try looking through your items in your library, and if they don't preview in the previeww pane, delete them...

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                                  dikuno10 Level 1



                                  function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                                  nrajbhan wrote:

                                  ...Thanks for sending me your FLA.  It looks like the following library asset is corrupted – “08 - Help Menu/Images/progress.gif”.  Even in Flash CS4, you will see a “Preview not available” message when selecting it in the Library and you can’t drag it onto the stage...



                                  This was excerpted from a reply from nrajbhan, and, by the looks of it, it could be something to do with Flash ... unless, of course, the file had its own Help Menu.


                                  Oh, and by the way nrajbhan, if all that happens in Flash CS4 is that it says "Preview not available" in the Library and you can't drag it onto the stage, how come in Flash CS5 rather than saying this it mucks up your FLA file?


                                  Adobe, you did a 10.0.2 before. Now we need a 11.0.2 patch...

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                                    The Buke Level 1

                                    Nah that was a gif that was present in my Help menu that I created for my e-learning package! It is my folder structure and my image. I did delete it and all works correctly.


                                    However, in saying that, I do agree that a patch is required! I have found a heap of people with the same problem!

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                                      nrajbhan Level 3



                                      That was actually the first file we've investigated that did NOT crash in Flash CS4 when dragging the corrupt asset to the stage.  Also, just because it didn't crash when dragging it onto the stage doesn't mean that it won't crash in other workflows.  We've had reports of corrupted assets crashing files while publishing, saving, scrolling through the library, etc. in older versions of Flash as well.


                                      Anyway, it's a good idea to back up your old files before working with them in Flash CS5.  We changed the file format from a binary format to a text format ... which is a big change.  So there may be edge cases (such as having corrupted assets in the Library) we did not find in our testing even with our extensive suite of FLA files and beta testers.


                                      Some advantages of the new file format are documented by one of my co-workers at http://blog.mencio.com/.  Another benefit is that people have sometimes been able to salvage some of their work when a corrupted FLA is saved using the new file format whereas once the old, binary format was corrupted, you lost everything.


                                      Please report any bugs you find due to the new file format at https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform (Product = Flash Authoring) so we can investigate.




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                                        dikuno10 Level 1

                                        Aha!! Maybe that's the problem!! Perhaps there is a bug in the saving engine in Flash CS5!! That's why only files migrated from CS4 (which uses the binary format) are affected - maybe it's because Flash makes a glitch when changing the binary to XML ... I think it's XML, yes?


                                        Oh, and, what do you mean beta testers? There never was a public beta of Flash CS5.  Your developers alone aren't good enough for testing software. I bet anyone in the public would have spotted the binary-to-XML conversion bug when opening a project from CS4...


                                        dikuno <><

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                                          ReDrUmNZ Level 1

                                          I'm getting data corruption migrating files from CS4, and also from new files created in CS5 when saving. The new FLA format is completely screwed. I'm experiencing corruption about 40% of the time I try to save. Its ridiculous. My best advice in the meantime before a patch arrives is to save as uncompressed XFL files. I havent experienced any corruption when saving as XFL (yet?).

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                                            Markusweden Level 1

                                            I have the exact same problem, running Flash CS5 on OSX 10.6.2 on a Macbook Pro, with the latest update... this is ridiculous, so I can't continue working with my files from CS4? I guess I should have waited a couple of months before upgrading, letting Adobe sort out the bugs etc.


                                            Edit: I can save them as CS4 Flash Files without the software crashing on me, good enough for now. Still ridiculous though.

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                                              usaoilpainting.com Level 1

                                              How much is it?

                                              I want to finish it in web.

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                                                vipertorc5150 Level 1

                                                I have been reading what seems to be ailing all of us... So is there a FIX?  I don't want to lose anymore files, I have two FLA files that account for 100 hours of design time that I can't access.  Can anyone tell me how to update or patch my system?


                                                I have CS3, 4 and 5.


                                                Please... Kevin

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                                                  vipertorc5150 Level 1

                                                  Also, I want to keep using CS5 and that is the file format both FLAs are in that are corrupt.


                                                  Thanks... Kevin

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                                                    VeryVito Level 1

                                                    Same issue here. Crashing every time I save... But strangely enough, I CAN save the file in CS4 format (using CS5).


                                                    It seems every time I buy high-end software these days, it turns out to be worse than the previous version.

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                                                      tweeek80 Level 1

                                                      Same problem or similar. Bigger problem is I cannot load the FLA anymore, even though it doesn't look corrupt - I think it's still the same size it was before. Is there someone I could send the file to for possibly having it fixed?



                                                      Toni Lehtinen

                                                      toni.lehtinen /AT sstmainos.fi

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                                                        ReDrUmNZ Level 1

                                                        Try rename your corrupted FLA to .zip and extract its contents. You should be able to salvage your library assets etc however your timeline is lost for good as far as I can tell. If you have an old version of your FLA you can replace the library assets with the newer copies but you'll likely still need to add stuff to stage again and set instance names. I've noticed that by saving as CS5 Uncompressed XFL I have not experienced any further data corruption for the past few weeks. Saving as .FLA is screwed though! Stay away from it until a patch comes out is my advice.

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                                                          tweeek80 Level 1

                                                          Great, will try that. Thanks!

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                                                            NancyParker Level 1

                                                            Too painful.


                                                            I've been managing along with the "missing armature" glitches that show up from time to time and even the tween oddities in CS5.  But alas this morning i went to open my project (that I've been working on for weeks) and got the "Unexpected file format." error on opening.  I checked the directory and sure enough my file was 1kb.  I didn't even recall Flash crashing on save yesterday.  But apparently CS5 chewed up my file.


                                                            For the record this was a new CS5 AS3 file on Windows Vista 64bit.


                                                            Ouch.  It just hurts.

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                                                              rkbkbvrkbqfvvkjbqfvkbkqfj Level 2

                                                              Any updates on a fix for this VERY unstable version?


                                                              It seems trying to load an external .swf file crashes my application.


                                                              Any news? Better off using CS4...

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                                                                nrajbhan Level 3

                                                                Hi Markusweden,


                                                                Thanks for emailing us your FLA off-list so we could investigate.



                                                                The following .png files are corrupt in the original CS4 file:



                                                                ‘niquitin1.png’, ‘…2.png’, ‘…3.png’, ‘…-logo.png’

                                                                ‘organic1.png’, ‘…2.png’, ‘…3.png’


                                                                Flash CS5 crashes when saving as CS5 because Flash has to re-save *all* data when saving a legacy file into the new file format.  Once it’s in that file format though, Flash can just incrementally save subsequent file saves, just like we do in Flash CS4.  It’s just that first save requires all data to be serialized out into the new file format.  Flash CS5 does not crash when saving as CS4 because it’s just incrementally saving the document (ie. the library assets don’t have to be serialized into the binary .fla file again).


                                                                Note that if you made any changes that requires these assets to be resaved in Flash CS4, you will crash in Flash CS4 as well.  Thus, please re-open the FLA in Flash CS4 and re-import or re-create these corrupt PNG assets.  Then, you will be able to continue working with the FLA file in Flash CS5.


                                                                I hope this helps.  We are investigating ways to skip the file serialization when Flash encounters corrupt assets and to notify users of which assets are corrupt to prevent this issue.




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                                                                  ReDrUmNZ Level 1

                                                                  Nivesh: I've had CS5 FLA's corrupt too during saves, not just when converting a file from CS4 to CS5. You never emailed me back about my example FLA's either btw. To be fair it's always when saving to a networked drive which adobe doesn't officially support. The problem with blaming the networked drive is I can save as CS5 XFL onto the same drive without any corruption however saving as a CS5 FLA has a very high chance of corruption. Also CS4 FLA's never corrupt on the same networked drive. It seems to be an issue with the compression/extraction process I believe considering CS5 FLA's are archives instead of binary now. Also why does the DOMDocument.xml file corrupt? It's text!

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                                                                    HLProductions Level 1

                                                                    Finally some people that are going through this.  I am experiencing these same save crashes and a very similar yet far more destructive and painful defect when exporting to swf.  I am now only a few days away from losing my biggest and most important client to date because of this!!  At least my export crash is throwing an exception error...Has this helped Adobe email me back or work with me over the phone..not even close.


                                                                    Every time I export the movie it reaches 100% and it just sticks there until the following exception error appears:


                                                                    "Exception thrown in destructor


                                                                    Encountered an improper argument."


                                                                    When this happens I end up with a 1KB swf file.  Unfortunately, every time this dreading export failure happens I have to go back to a previous FLA for the project...The real kicker...Even if a previous FLA was always exporting just fine it will all of a sudden fail to export, even without making a single change to the FLA.  If it fails to export ONE TIME this FLA file is forever useless.  This problem has left me going back weeks, rebuilding and then boom, export freezes, you loose, do not collect $20,000.  I am completely at a loss here and never once, in my entire career, have I felt so helpless.  Your tech support is a joke and if I cant finish this project by the end of the week the entire contract gets ripped up.

                                                                    Sorry everyone here for writing so much on a similar but different nightmare but I am doing everything I can to make my troubles and apparently those of many, known to Adobe.  So far I have only fallen more and more behind.  These are files created from scratch in CS5!  This is insane to me!!  I have been awake since Sunday trying to save this project and everything that was going to come of it.  I should not be awake/alive right now.

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                                                                      Alan Jeeves 2 Level 1

                                                                      I have an fla which was created in flash 8, worked on and saved in cs4. But if opened and saved in CS5 (fla or uncompressed) then opened again in CS5, the IDE just crashes (every time). If you save it as CS4 then it opens ok. But its a pain to down save it as CS4 - adobe should atleast make this easy and quick!

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                                                                        byrtman Level 1

                                                                        Not sure how practical of a solution this is for you, but it helped me solve the corruption problem with the affected assets (assuming they're images) and allowed me to finally save the fla in CS5 format.


                                                                        So, we can tell which assets are corrupted when you select them in the library and it says 'Preview Not Available'. (Yeah, it wold be nice to detect these somehow using jsfl or something.) Anyways, if you have Photoshop, you can right click on that image and select 'Edit with Photoshop'. Apparently, just doing that alone will 'remove' the corruption of that asset. It's not even necessary to save the image in Photoshop. Once I found the 2-3 files that had this problem, I was able to save to CS5 format with everything else intact.


                                                                        My images were blank and didn't have a use count, so it wasn't a big loss for me to even just delete them. However, if it's just a couple of files, then it's probably less painful to replace those than to muck with an unusable fla file. Hope this helps someone.



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                                                                          bx3800 Level 1

                                                                          Another one bites the dust here..

                                                                          Opened Cs4 file, 4 hours later and various saves in between, tried to save once again and poof!!

                                                                          (Unlike some of the other posts, I read, I was actually able to save twice before my final destination.)


                                                                          Entire machine blanks out, had to force a hard reset, file is corrupted.


                                                                          Thank you Adobe, for being huge pieces of **** and not properly testing your products, before seeding them into the market.

                                                                          I truly hope your QC department or ******* exec that made the call not to Beta test, is left browsing the unemployment section.


                                                                          As much as I love Flash, I'm starting to side with Steve Job's on this one.


                                                                          Last upgrade I ever purchase.

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                                                                            Filippo Gregoretti Level 1

                                                                            I just experienced this problem with a BRAND NEW CS5 AS3 file.

                                                                            - It has NOTHING to do with conversion from CS4 to CS5,

                                                                            - there were no corrupt assets in my library (I am a library cleanup maniac).

                                                                            - I have lost hours of work.

                                                                            - The movie used to compile properly, and everything worked fine.

                                                                            - Just after last save, the file was corrupt.


                                                                            ADOBE should give us an anwer ASAP (not pointing to corrupt assets in library, which in my case do not exist).

                                                                            Besides, if I have corrupt assets in my library I expect a several hundreds $ package to WARN ME, and not to corrupt my work!


                                                                            I am a full time Flash developer, and this is SABOTAGE.






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                                                                              tweeek80 Level 1

                                                                              As said earlier in this thread, I recommend just saving as CS5 uncompressed XFL instead of FLA until they work out a patch. Haven't had any crashes with XFL.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                                Filippo Gregoretti Level 1

                                                                                I agree with you, xfl from now on.

                                                                                Problem is: as you said earlier on this post.... just like many other people, I got to this post AFTER file was corrupt


                                                                                I think I have found a solution to recover corrupt files, at least whats left of them...

                                                                                I am investigating further and then will post it.



                                                                                • 37. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                                  Filippo Gregoretti Level 1

                                                                                  I have found the solution to fix my file


                                                                                  In my case, I had to remove from the XML descriptor of a movieclip a reference to an FLVPlayback component! (don't ask me why)


                                                                                  I am pasting the XML node I had to remove on the bottom, first the step by step solution in case others may stumble on this.

                                                                                  It seems that movieclips get corrupt somehow, so, in order to find which ones, we have to proceed this way:



                                                                                  1 - if you save your file as CS5 FLA, then rename the corrupt file from xxx.fla to xxx.zip.

                                                                                  2 - Unzip the file, and you are going to have the same directory structure as if you save in xfl. Now, if you open the xfl file inside the unzipped folder, you get the same error you get opening the fla.

                                                                                  3 - Go into the LIBRARY folder. This is a hyerarchical representation of your library.

                                                                                  4 - If like I do, your library is well organized in folders and subfolders, this step will not be too annoying. If you have all library items free in the library, then it could be boring. Anyway... The thing here is to find which library items are causing the problem, so you have to remove them one by one, or in groups, and try to launch the xfl each time. When the xfl gets opened, you have removed the right library item.

                                                                                  In my case, even for very large projects, I have only 4 folders in library's root. So what I did, I tried removing one of them, till I found the rightt one. Then I went deeper and deeper, and eventually found the **** movieclip causing the crash.

                                                                                  If its not an important item, you can just happily continue to work and do it again. In my case, it was a vital component, so I went inside the xml definition, and tried to remove nodes untill it finally opened.



                                                                                  The file got opened again, just with a missing reference inside that movieclip.


                                                                                  I have read that often an empty frame may cause the problem, so you should look for <element/> tag.

                                                                                  In my case, was a FLVPlayback component.


                                                                                  Find below the node I had to remove (someone from Adobe may give a look)


                                                                                  It is advised untill Flash CS5 doesn't get stabilized on file save  (yeah, I know, a detail!) to store your projects as xfl and not as FLA  files. (I don't really know why, since a fla file is just a zipped xfl  folder renamed as .fla)


                                                                                  Exhausted but happy.





                                                                                                  <DOMCompiledClipInstance libraryItemName="FLVPlayback" name="_video" selected="true" uniqueID="8">
                                                                                                      <Matrix a="2.45603942871094" d="2.04177856445313"/>
                                                                                                      <Point x="160" y="119.95"/>
                                                                                                    <dataBindingXML><![CDATA[<component metaDataFetched='true' schemaUrl='' schemaOperation='' sceneRootLabel='HighlightItem' oldCopiedComponentPath=''>
                                                                                                    <parametersAsXML><![CDATA[   <property id="align">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="align" variable="align" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="center" enumeration="center,top,left,bottom,right,topLeft,topRight,bottomLeft,bottomRight" type="List"/>
                                                                                     <property id="autoPlay">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="autoPlay" variable="autoPlay" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="false" type="Boolean"/>
                                                                                     <property id="cuePoints">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="cuePoints" variable="cuePoints" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="" type="Video Cue Points"/>
                                                                                     <property id="isLive">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="isLive" variable="isLive" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="false" type="Boolean"/>
                                                                                     <property id="preview">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="preview" variable="preview" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="None" type="Video Preview"/>
                                                                                     <property id="scaleMode">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="scaleMode" variable="scaleMode" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="exactFit" enumeration="maintainAspectRatio,noScale,exactFit" type="List"/>
                                                                                     <property id="skin">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="skin" variable="skin" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="" type="Video Skin"/>
                                                                                     <property id="skinAutoHide">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="skinAutoHide" variable="skinAutoHide" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="false" type="Boolean"/>
                                                                                     <property id="skinBackgroundAlpha">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="skinBackgroundAlpha" variable="skinBackgroundAlpha" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="0.85" type="Number"/>
                                                                                     <property id="skinBackgroundColor">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="skinBackgroundColor" variable="skinBackgroundColor" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="#666666" type="Color"/>
                                                                                     <property id="source">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="source" variable="source" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="" type="Video Content Path"/>
                                                                                     <property id="volume">
                                                                                        <Inspectable name="volume" variable="volume" category="" verbose="0" defaultValue="1.00" type="Number"/>

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Flash CS5 crashing when saving
                                                                                    Codefinger Level 1

                                                                                    I too am fond of the 'Sabotage' idea. Microsoft finally infiltrated the inner sanctum eh?

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