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    Linked images in eps files

    The Real Thorzdad Level 1

      I was playing with CS5 over the last several days and noticed somethng odd.

      - Place an image in a new Illustrator file. Your layers palette shows Layer 1 > Linked File.

      - Save a copy of that file as an eps.

      - Open the eps and look at the layers palette. It now shows Layer 1 > Group > Group > Clipping Mask, Image.


      Now, I vaguely recall that creating an eps in Illy always builds a clipping mask around images (though, why, I have no idea. It seems to needlessly complicate things) which would explain one of the Groups. But, what's with the extra group level? Is this action new to CS5? I'm upgrading from a rather old version of Illustrator, but I never saw this behavior before.


      And, is there a way to stop the creation of clipping masks around images in eps files?