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    Bandwidth and usage statistics



      we need to record and display daily/weekly/monthly statistics on vod application usage,

      we are working with multiple application and need statistics for each one of them individually

      parameters required are bandwidth,number of connection,view time ...

      can someone point on practical way to do it?



      Kobi Shalom


      KOH IT Solutions

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          JayCharles Level 4

          FMS creates standard logs, and you can read them using most log readers (such as sawmill) or a custom application.


          Take a look at the access logs in the fms/logs directory... that's where you'll find much of the info you need. The fields in the logs can be customized... see fms/conf/logger/xml for descriptions of the options.

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            KOHITSolutions Level 1

            Hello Jay,

            We succeed to configure log files independent for each Vhost and now we will work on analyze software, Before we go to the actual purchase, I tried to understand the different from adobe site but since I'm new with this product I need your help with version decision:

            Can we use different VHOST/Application and generate different log files for each one of them on Flash Media Streaming Server 3.5 version?




            Kobi Shalom

            KOH IT Solutions

            E. kobi@koh.co.il

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              JayCharles Level 4

              I've never worked with streaming server, but I'm almost certain that it does not support multiple Vhosts. You might want to confirm that with Adobe sales.

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                Hi Jay,


                Is there any way to access logs using the Administration console?

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                  AbhishekSinha Level 3

                  You can click on Manage servers and then on the tab server logs. There you will see some logging info from the server. Please keep in mind that if you need more details it is always better to check the static logs as the information in admin console is not static reading from the FMS logs. This has some limitations as it will only show live logging and also not all events will be displayed here. There will be limited information regarding which core was started or went down and event such as connect to a certain application.


                  If you require more details FMS logs or Admin APIs are the way to go.