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    Why No Connection Speeds in CS Live?I

    Jay Kinghorn

      I think NetAverages is a great tool for making statistically-informed decisions about Web design and structure. However, there's one major feature missing in the CS Live version of NetAverages, Connection Speed. It appears in one of the screenshots on the SiteCatalyst NetAverages pages on the Adobe site, but I can't find it in my version of NetAverages. Am I missing something, or is this omitted from the CS Live version?


      It would be very valuable to have access to this information. Far more so than some of the other statistics on the site.





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          JeffreyOD-VFp6ga Adobe Employee

          Hi Jay,


          Thanks for the note!


          You are correct, the Connection Speed data was not included in the final version of SiteCatalyst NetAverages.


          We'll be sure to keep this in mind for a future version of the service.




          Jeffrey O'Donald

          Program Manager, SiteCatalyst NetAverages

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            bnemhaus Adobe Employee

            Hey Jay,


            Great feedback, thanks! It would be helpful to know how the connection speed might be useful to you. What we have to offer may not meet your needs, or we may have other ways to get you the info you are after. Thanks!



            Product Owner, SiteCatalyst NetAverages

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              Thanks for your comment on my blog post. The connection speeds would be useful for optimizing video compression settings (bitrate), and image usage to ensure smooth page load by site viewers. While most site visitors today have at least 1MBPS connections in urban areas mobile bandwidth is still a bit of a guessing game. It would be helpful to know what percentage of SiteCatalyst visitors are using mobile connection speeds greater than 500kbps, how many in the 300-400kbps range and how many fall below that threshold. This information is very valuable for mobile video as not everyone has access to streaming media servers using adaptive bitrate.


              As an aside, Omniture might consider creating a mobile app like CBS' CheckTubes iPhone app. I've been using it to check my mobile connection speeds as I travel to try and get a better sense for what iPhone users can expect.


              As another aside, are you in Omniture's Provo offices? If so, perhaps we could discuss in person. I'd be happy to give you more info on how we plan to use NetAverages.


              Best regards,



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                gabriel_tavridis Level 1



                Thank you on you post for the service. I would be interested to meet with you and hear more about how you use the service. Feel free to reach out to me at gabe@adobe.com and we can set something up.


                Thanks again



                gabriel tavridis

                SiteCatalyst NetAverages Product Manager