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    CS Live can't connect to the internet


      This problem isn't just specific to Acrobat.com but the whole of CS Live but there didn't seem a more suitable forum category to post this in..


      I have installed CS5 Production Premium and would like to use the CS Live functions to share my screen. CS Live gives me the following Error message when I try select a feature;


      "Network Error

      This application is not connected to the internet. Please connect to the internet to access CS Live services."


      The new Adobe Help program can access the internet fine and my browser can also access adobe.com. I do not have firewall enabled on my computer as it is set by the network, but another employee also on the same network can connect to CS Live so I'm assuming its local settings. I can't seem to find any preference settings in the programs for connecting to the internet so I'm really stuck as to what the problem is.

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          jfarris10 Community Member

          Same issue for me too on my work machine. I cleaned out all old apps and am running CS5 only. Latest OS update. Seems to just started aswell. I use kuler as well. Not connecting either.

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            douglas633 Community Member

            Hi, all


            This has to be a conflict in some preferences or something.


            I was a PS CS5 beta tester and have been using Kuler and CS Review since a month before final CS5 release without a hitch.

            I bought the Master Collection and all was well. I don't know when it happened but a couple of weeks ago I wanted to find a cool color scheme and was puzzled when Kuler wouldn't connect giving me the error message the the original poster documented.


            I too have CS4 master collection installed on my machine and I can connect to Kuler no problem in CS4. I have gone through every program scouring for any online settings and making sure that they are all set to connect. And all my extension settings are set properly, but still no network connection with any CS5 program.


            I found this bug though in Photoshop CS5. If I uncheck the allow extension to connect to Internet in the Preferences>Plug-ins and restart PS then re-check the option and refresh Kuler Viola it works.


            however when I try to open CS Live It still doesn't work. Again if I restart PS Kuler is broken again and I have to do the work around over again.


            This only woks in Photoshop as the other programs dont have this option in there preferences.


            If any one solves this issue I would love to know this is driving me batty and i really don't want to do a reinstall.




            Doug Jaeckel

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              jfarris10 Community Member

              Doug. I reinstalled and everything is ok so far. I'm holding off on the updates for a bit. I suspect it's an issue in one of those

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                douglas633 Community Member


                jfarris10 for the quick reply.


                I had some free time sort of so I bit the bullet and did a reinstall making sure to delete all preferences in the process. I also am having success and I even allowed for the updates to install to see what would happen and so far so good. I have all my 3rd party plug-ins installed and the optional plug-ins from Adobe and all is well.


                I hope this remains but I will be keeping track of any changes I make to preferences and workspaces to keep my eyes peeled for any issuses as this deems to be a problem many have encountered.

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                  jfarris10 Community Member

                  Ya I just updated everything today. I hope it sticks. We'll see I guess. I use kuler and cs live religiously so it's a big hang up when it quits working. I'll let you know if it quits working again.

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                    tried to to dissconnect the internet and run the logon process without connection - of course it failed - then hooked up and tried again.

                    now everything works fine.

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                      All people's comment are helpful. Thank you.