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    ACR 6.1 (Mac) Update fails


      When I try to install the ACR 6.1 using the Adobe Patch tool supplied in the disk image, the install fails with this message:



      Adobe Application Manager


      Some updates failed to install.

      The following updates were unable to install. If you wish to install these updates, please fix the problems below and retry:


      Photoshop Camera Raw 6.1 Update

      Installation failed


      Contact Customer Support for further assistance.



      There appears to be no way to determine why the install failed unless there are log files somewhere. Contacting Customer Support results in another download of Adobe Support Advisor. Running it produces this somewhat confusing message:


      Found issues generated after 05/11/2010 00:00:00:

      The module found no issues to report for the selected log file. If you continue to have difficulties with the application, please contact Adobe Support.


      After reading other install issues, I have tried the install after a reboot with same results.


      iMac 9,1

      8Gb ram

      OSX 10.6.3


      Jim Kirkpatrick

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          I have exactly the same problem with trying to install ACR 6.1 on an iMac under OSX 10.6.3.


          So I rebooted and tried again - no go.


          Uninstalled CS5 and also used the Adobe clean script at http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cs5clean.html .


          Reinstalled CS5.


          Tried again - get the same error:


          Photoshop Camera Raw 6.1 Update

          Installation failed


          Any advice appreciated. Or maybe I just wait for the final release.

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            JCKirkpatrick Community Member

            I tried the update on a 2nd Mac and it installed without error. The difference between the two installs seemed to be early in the process. On the machine that it failed on, the patcher program gave the error message within a minute.


            On the machine where it succeeded, the install took several minutes.

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              The error log seems to point to ERROR: 1 Unable to get permissions of "/Applications/Adobe/AdobePatchFiles"


              I checked my Application folder and I had an old text file called "Adobe"

              I deleted and create a new empty folder "Adobe"


              I tried the updater again and at this point it was able to use this new folder

              and complete the update both for ACR 6.1 and Bridge 4.0.2






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                tehoroneil Community Member

                Thank you!


                That solution worked for me as well.


                .. Neil

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                  JCKirkpatrick Community Member

                  Indeed. It's interesting that the installer can't tell the difference between a text file and a folder. I just deleted the text file and did not create a new Adobe folder. Bothe ACR 6.1 and Bridge 4.02 installed without error.


                  Case solved. Danke.

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                    That fix worked for me too, thanks very much for posting. The offending 'Adobe' file in the Applications folder dated back to 2005! Adobe should add this to their knowledgebase, I spent a long time going round in circles with that before looking here.



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                      Goos van der Veen

                      Same for me, problem solved aad thanks for posting!


                      Still wondering however why Adobe has chosen to create a folder called 'Adobe' inside the Applications folder, that doesn't contain any application, but only files that an average user shouldn't ever touch. This folder should reside in some library folder, not in the Application folder. Bad, bad installer.


                      Also wondering why Adobe is still remaining silent on this issue. Would be nice if they al least just would acknowledge it.




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                        First of all, thanks for the info.  The fix described fixed my problem also.


                        The sad thing is I spent about an hour trying 2 different knowledgebase fixes that did not work.  I am not sure why Adobe could not put this fix in their knowledgebase so that the customers did not have to eat up hours trying bogus fixes.

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                          Same exact problem with update to 6.2 ACR


                          "Photoshop Camera Raw 6.2 Update   Installation failed"


                          Follow Mic's directions and delete the file /Applications/Adobe, then rerun the update.