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    ACR 6.1 (Mac) Update fails


      When I try to install the ACR 6.1 using the Adobe Patch tool supplied in the disk image, the install fails with this message:



      Adobe Application Manager


      Some updates failed to install.

      The following updates were unable to install. If you wish to install these updates, please fix the problems below and retry:


      Photoshop Camera Raw 6.1 Update

      Installation failed


      Contact Customer Support for further assistance.



      There appears to be no way to determine why the install failed unless there are log files somewhere. Contacting Customer Support results in another download of Adobe Support Advisor. Running it produces this somewhat confusing message:


      Found issues generated after 05/11/2010 00:00:00:

      The module found no issues to report for the selected log file. If you continue to have difficulties with the application, please contact Adobe Support.


      After reading other install issues, I have tried the install after a reboot with same results.


      iMac 9,1

      8Gb ram

      OSX 10.6.3


      Jim Kirkpatrick