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    whiteSpaceCollapse not working on textFlow created from HTML

    Robert Reinhardt Level 2

      Is there a trick to getting whiteSpaceCollapse to work with imported HTML? Here's my current code, where value is HTML text (e.g. "<p>Blah</p>.."):


      textFlow = TextConverter.importToFlow( value, TextConverter.TEXT_FIELD_HTML_FORMAT);






      textFlow.whiteSpaceCollapse = WhiteSpaceCollapse.COLLAPSE;


      I've also set whiteSpaceCollapse on the RichEditableText to "collapse" but I'm still noticing vertical space differences if my external HTML has linebreaks between <p></p> nodes. Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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          rdermer Adobe Employee

          WhiteSpaceCollapse is applied as part of the import.  After that changing it or modifying it has no effect.



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            aliman Level 1

            And so ? How do we set the TextConverter to avoid collapsing white spaces on import now ?


            I ve tried many ways but still no way to avoid a WEIRD behavior.
            If I set spaces and I want to collapse them, then I can do it with a simple search/replace, there are plenty

            of regex out there to do this.

            I don't need the framework to behave strangely right ? So why did the flex engineers spend time

            on putting together stuff that is totally weird ?
            Plus the TextConverter has a lot of tlf_internal methods, just to avoid us to overload its functionnalities...

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              mjzhang Level 1

              Hi aliman,

              Did you set format string to TextConvertr.PLAIN_TEXT_FORMAT ? That will preserve your spaces I think. 

              var textFlow:TextFlow = TextConverter.importToFlow(markup, TextConverter.PLAIN_TEXT_FORMAT); 


              And for tlf_internal, i just find one tlf_internal function in TextConverter. Others are public.

              static tlf_internal function setFormatsToDefault():void

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                azeem878 Level 1

                this is the way to solve this bug and no need for changing any xml settings , simple and it works


                exporting the textflow:


                var richTextXML:xml = new XML("<"+"richTextXML"+"/>");




                private function getCdataXMl():xml{


                  var textFlowStr:String = TextConverter.export(textFlow,TextConverter.TEXT_FIELD_HTML_FORMAT


                , ConversionType.STRING_TYPE).toString();


                var textFlowXMl:xml = new XMl("<![CDATA["+textFlowStr+"]]>");


                return textFlowXMl;




                importing TextFlow from XMl :


                var htmlTextInStr:String = richTextXMl.text();


                var importtedTextFlow:TextFlow = TextConverter.importToFlow(htmlTextInStr,TextConverter.TEXT_FIELD_HTML_FORMAT);


                textArea.textFlow = importtedTextFlow;