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    Adobe Updater Preferences Button Doesn't Work!


      I'm trying to disable the annoying Adobe Updater (which pops up only to show no updates are available).  All the instructions I've found say to click on the Preferences button, but when I do nothing happens.  The "Remind Me Later" button does work.  When I just close the window, I get a box that says:


      "The updating process is not complete.  Quitting now will cancel the update in progress.  Click Continue to continue the updating process.  If you would like to resume the updating process at a later time, click Quit."


      No updates are being installed.  Along with the Continue and Quit buttons, there is also a checkbox to select "Resume the download when the computer restarts."


      I uncheck that box and click on Quit, but the Updater still pops up ocassionally and when I reboot.


      Any help much appreciated!!!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Please provide more specific info. Sorry to say so, but your posting is 100% devoid of any usable info. What Updater? CS3 or CS4? What Adobe apps are on the system? How were they installed? Do you correctly run as administrator? Do any of the updates actualyl install?



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            webdizzy Level 1

            I have the Master Collection of CS3, Adobe Updater 5, Windows XP. Updates have installed in the past, but the Update window shows no updates are available when it pops up.  Yes, I run as the administrator.


            Same problem as posted here:



            No answer there except to change the preferences, which I can't get to.

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              aaaa bbbbabb

              I just fixed this problem on an old PC of mine. The problem looks like it is caused by the Adobe Updater stuffing up when you do actually need an update. To fix:


              1. Close any Adobe applications

              2. Open Task Manager (you may need to check the "Show processes from all users")

              3. Highlight and hit End Process for anything called AdobeUpdater.exe and AdobeARM.exe, confirm you definitely want to terminate the process.

              4. Open an Adobe program

              5. Check for updates from within the program.


              Once I did this it downloaded and installed the update fine. The next time I rebooted and got the correct screen where I can set preferences to only check once a week and it all seems to work fine now.


              (I only use Adobe Reader but I'm guessing as the symptoms are exactly the same the answer is likely to be exactly the same, maybe if you have multiple apps installed you may need to do the check from every app until you find the one with the stuck update).


              Hope this helps others as I've not seen anyone post a fix even though this has been around since at least 2009!