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    Enlarging still pictures

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      I have added some still pictures as a slide show.  With some of these old pictures (not digital) I've cropped them to remove people who I did not want in the picture.  My picture is now pretty small when I watch my completed video on my TV.  Some of the pictures are all the way to right of the TV screen and some to the left.  Is there a way I can edit these pictures to be centered and larger with the CS4 pro editing while they are in my timeline?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If you are using PrPro CS4, you are in the wrong forum. PrPro CS4's forum is HERE.


          However, for what you want, I would do all image editing in Photoshop, as it offers so very much more control.


          Not knowing how you plan on delivering this video, I'll just assume NTSC DVD so we have something to work with for this example. That would be a 720 x 480 pixel Frame Size. In Photoshop, do your Cropping, and finally Scale (Image>Image Size) to about 720 x 480. If you wish to Pan on a Zoomed out image, then go up to 1000 x 750 pixels. I would Save_As PSD from Photoshop.


          This will get you material that will come very close to fitting your video's Frame Size. If necessary, you could do one of two things: you could choose to enable Scale to Frame Size, or you could Keyframe the fixed Effect>Motion>Scale, and perhaps Motion>Position if necessary. That is also how one animates still images in video, a la the Ken Burns Effect.


          Hope that this helps.


          Now, if you have verticals and horizontals, you will be putting these into a horizontal video. This TUTORIAL might give you ideas on how to handle the Aspect Ratio differences.


          Good luck,



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            I do not know how to use photo shop.  Scale to frame size did not make much difference I'm now willing to try Keyframe the fixed Effect>Motion>Scale, but don't know that route.  I'm in my video effects and can not find "motion>scale

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              If you are not comfortable with PS (Photoshop), then the only way to do what you want is to adjust the fixed Effects>Motion>Scale and Motion>Position.


              Click on one of the Clips/stills to Select it, and then go to the Effects Control Panel (Window>Effects Control Panel) and you will see the fixed Effects, Motion, Opacity and Volume, if you have any Audio in the Clip). Click on the little triangle beside Motion, and you will see Scale and Position. There is also a slider that you can use, if you click on the little triangle besides each Scale. Adjust the slider for Scale, until satisfied. In Position, click and drag on the Position numbers to "move" your images, as is necessary. Go back to Scale, if necessary.


              Good luck,




              PS - the reason that Scale to Frame is not doing it for you is that your still are already close to the video's Frame Size, and basically all you have done with the Crop Effect is "block out" parts of that image.

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                Here is a look at the Effects Control Panel in PrPro 2.0. CS4 will be very similar. Here, I have a still image over a background still image. Note the Scale slider is less than 100%. To go above 100%, click-scrub in the numeric field, instead of the slider. Scrub to the right to go above 100%.


                In my case, the Position is centered in the Frame, but yours will need to be adjusted.



                Hope that this helps, and good luck,



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                  I will try your last advice tomorrow, It's Friday evening, time for gin and tonics.  I'm sooooooooooo thankful you and Harm are there to help me. I really appreciate you guys!

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                    I understand completely. I only hope that CS4 is not THAT different, than my ancient, but trustworthy PrPro 2.0. Still, together we can fill in those blanks.


                    I'm not a G&T fan myself, but AM about to declare "wine-thirty" early today!


                    As for PS, I cannot recommend a program more highly. Though PrPro can do a lot of stuff, like Titles, I find that I use PS for so very much. However, I did grow up with it and have used it almost daily for 20 years, so maybe I am not the best person to advise you. Still, for image manipulation work, it's absolutely great.


                    Enjoy, and let us know how it worked out for you,




                    PS - thanks for the kind words too.

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                      I went to Effects, Motion >Scale and played around with it. Still practicing dragging the motion #'s. Your diagram shows a nice background behind your picture.  Mine is all white. How can I do what you did?  Also, I have these large black borders around my pictures. Tried to crop, not much of a difference I wanted to copy and paste from the program box to show you what I mean and I couldn't.  Hope I was clear enough without it.

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Take a look at the Sample Cool Trick #12 and see if this is what you're trying to accomplish.



                        My book gives you step-by-step instructions, with illustrations, for creating 50 video and audio effects with Premiere Elements!

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                          Here is the TUTORIAL that I did not creating an "abstract background" of a SlideShow. It involves both Photoshop and PrPro.


                          Good luck, and hope that this helps,