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    metronome sounds

    Paul_Ferguson Level 2

      Pretty much all of the metronome sounds are really irritating.  Instead of using any of them, I usually create a wav file in FL Studio and import it into Audition.  (A sound I like a lot for a click track is a shaker.)  It would be a lot easier for me to use the metronome in Audition rather than going through all that procedure in FL.  How about some more attractive sounds in metronome?

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          Paul_Ferguson Level 2

          Okay, I've discovered something strange but interesting and useful.  If I select 'Constant' in the metronome settings, it improves the nature of the sounds.


          You could still rehabilitate the sounds though, for the people who don't want a constant click sound, or allow people to add their own sounds to the metronome folder.