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    Premiere Pro CS5: Unable to preview


      I just installed Premiere Pro CS5 on my Macbook Pro. I'm currently trying to test it out to see how well it will run on the laptop. I'm having some problem with previewing the video. It will only preview a couple seconds of the clip then stop. I'm wondering if this is due to the new requirements by the Mercury Engine, or if it's something else. I have tried to knock down the preview resolution to half and still nothing. I should say that I am only working on DV footage, and I'm running Snow Leopard with 2 gb of RAM. I have had no problem using past versions of Premiere Pro with this set up.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know about the Mac world, but over in the PC world CS5 requires a 64bit computer with a 64bit OS... and 2 Gig of ram is NOT enough

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            jeremy d. Level 3

            Yup. Do you have a newer 64-bit MBP?

            Mine runs CS4 reasonably well, but the CS5 installer scoffed at me when I tried to install on it.


            John T Smith wrote:


            I don't know about the Mac world, but over in the PC world CS5 requires a 64bit computer with a 64bit OS... and 2 Gig of ram is NOT enough

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              I am having same problem on my Mac Pro -  Snow Leopard 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon - 8GB  ram - ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card. I hit the  space bar to playback movie -plays for a few frames and stops.  I also  have a 17" Mac book pro 2.8 GHz Intel core 2 Duo 6GB Ram NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. no problems  running Premiere Pro. I have uninstalled and re-installed twice on the  Mac Pro - each time file permissions were all screwed up - fixed them  but playback problem remains. Anyone have ideas on how to solve  problem?


              I took the plunge and called Adobe support( 2-1/2  hrs.on the phone). It seems this issue is one of permissions. After going through all of the things I had already done with the tech guy - changing the permissions of all of the applications folders and the preference folders and then deleting the preferences files - I was told to open a root account and login as root. Then open all of the Adobe programs in the root account  that I was having trouble with-( in my case the timelines in Premiere and Sound Booth were not working  and the sound files in Encore were not playing )  When I did this they all worked perfectly  ( apparently logging in as root  fixed the permission issues ). Then I was told to restart and login  into my admin account. That seemed to do it. Good Luck - Hope that will help you - Darma-Me

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                Same problem here with MacPro, Snow Leopard, 2.26 QuadCore Xeon, 12 GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 120. No playback on spacebar or any other way. I tried your trick of logging in as root, launching the app and like you, everything was fine, restarted, logged in as admin and seemed to be fixed but Premiere crashed after a few minutes and it was the same problem all over again.


                Lemme know if you learn anything else.



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                  darma-me Level 1

                  Hi - Sorry it's not working for you. I have had no problems since. All the programs in the Master Suite are working correctly. Just curious as weather or not you did all the steps of changing folder permissions on the program files etc.before you enabled  root user? If so you must have somewhat of a different problem than I do. I have owned Adobe programs from Photoshop 4 and never once had to call their tech. support.  I am happy I did this time it was a long,but tolerable experience and the programs are working so it was worth it. If you can't work it out yourself give them a go at it . This is the direct #  to support  800-642-3623. Let me know how it turns out.

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                    tgapen Level 1

                    Thanks for writing back to me.

                    No I did not try those permissions things before enabling root because that wasn't detailed in the thread.

                    I would very much appreciate it if you could send me the details or step-by-step about how to do that. Which folders to change permissions on and what permissions to change.

                    As it is now, the applications and the preference folders all have read/write permissions for me only.


                    Thanks again.

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                      darma-me Level 1

                      Hi: Remember I am not an adobe tech. So I can't guarantee that what  I am telling you here will work for your problem as it may be different than the one I had.


                      The permissons on my folders are :

                      User Application folder for Premier Pro  and all files within:  System  rw  Admin  rw  Everyone - Read Only


                      User library preferences folder  : the Adobe folder and application folders within( like Premiere Pro or other app folder)
                      System - rw admin - rw Everyone rw
                      your user name (ME)  rw     admin  rw

                      everyone -rw

                      I think , but not sure, as long as you can delete the preferences  permissions are not important to the app performing correctly.


                      after those were corrected I enabled Root and then logged in as Root and opened the programs. After re-booting and logging in as admin  I disabled Root.

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                        tgapen Level 1

                        Thanks so much for going to the trouble of writing this.


                        Last night I went to Adobe's site and downloaded an update to Premiere Pro and after installation, everything seems fine now.


                        I'll keep your notes here just in case though.


                        Thanks again.

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                          jrojsirivat Level 1

                          @darma-me Thank you so much for your reply. The solution completely solved the I was having in Soundbooth. I call help desk, and I was told to put my video on the local hard drive. When I did that I was able to preview. He said that the speed of the external hard drive was too slow for previewing. I was quite surprised by that since it's a firewire 800 external drive, one that I have used to edit video with previous version of Premiere Pro with no problem.


                          The only issue I have now is updating the Suite. I seem to still have permissions issues even with following the steps you posted. I think this is the first time that I have issues with permissions after installing the Creative Suite.

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                            When this happens (Mac os x10.6) delete adobe folder from the documents folder coöpletely, then enter system properties folder, under system enter accounts. Choose my account, then choose allow user to administer this cömputer. Press accept and restart. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 will start working properly.