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    Slow clip loading

    frogmike Level 1

      I'm using Adobe Premiere CS4. Whenever I'm zoomed in doing some editing, and I zoom out to view a larger chunk of the timeline, it takes several moments to "load" the clip thumbnails. During that 4-10 second period I can't see any of the clips and its simply irritating. I'm running W7 8gbDDR3, i5 SSD+7200RPM drive so I don't see any issue of it being my computer's fault.


      Is there a setting somewhere to enable "always remember these clips and stuff"?



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          Level 4



          What kind of footage are you editing ..


          HD ?


          SD ?


          How much is on the timeline ( 1 hour ? - 2 Hours ? )


          Is this a new , first time problem with material that never did this before or something that's been always happening ?


          What kind of graphics card do you have ?


          If it's SD ( 720x480 ) you might just need to tune up your computer to make it as fast as possible...


          for example, check if your hard drive has " indexing" turned off

          Check the location and size of your scratch disk...


          There are threads here for tuning up the computer ...  Good luck




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            frogmike Level 1

            Thanks for th reply, sorry I forgot about my GPU lol. Its an XFX Nvidia GTS 250 (1gb ram edtition)


            The video is HD, 720p, Motion Jpeg.There's only about 5 minutes of footage on the timeline.


            Its been a constant issue, and I wouldn't know where to look for an option to address my issue.  The issue is what I described it, and its frustrating and makes the editing go slower. I have the scratch disks set to the same drive as the programs.


            Are there any other settings to optimize? What's indexing?



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              This is a video redraw issue. I would suspect that you have the Thumbnail Display set to ALL. Try with it set to First, or First & Last. Most editors will turn it to None, so that just the Clip name is displayed.


              Even with All set in the display, my Quadro FS-4500 will redraw in about 0.5 sec.


              Depending on your OS, you might improve the redraw by adjusting Hardware Acceleration.



              Good luck,



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                frogmike Level 1

                All right, I did some searching but can't find exactly what you're describing. How do I change the selection to "first & last", I mean, where is it in the menu? Any specifics on how to adjust on hardware acceleration? I'm running W7HP. Thanks.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Here is PrPro 2.0's setting in the Track Header. Should be about the same in later versions:


                  Hope that this helps,



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                    That's the little square on the bottom left of the video channel...the menu you see Bill showed you..






                    ps...hardware acceleration and video card properties ...for WIN XP ....( don't know about win 7 ) ...you right click on a blank area of your desktop and look for your video card settings either in that first menu or else choose " properties" and then "settings" and then "advanced"....


                    hopefully your video card installed some easy to follow little program to make changes easy to understand...most do...

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                      frogmike Level 1

                      While its nice to have the option in choosing. My problem is still that if I do not take the 7+ seconds for the clips "track header" load, the video will sometimes lag when played, and will not load right away if I click on another point in my timeline. I like  to work with the header on so its easier to work with my clips. Any other possibilities? Thanks.

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                        jeremy d. Level 3

                        You said you have 5 minutes on the timeline -- how much footage is in the project, and how many sequences do you have in the project?

                        Is this happening always, or just close to the beginning of the session?

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                          frogmike Level 1

                          I have just over 3 minutes on the timeline. There's about 85 items in the bin for my project, and only 1 sequence. It always happens regardless of where I am. I'll play the video from where I am zoomed in, once it starts pushing the track, the next clips wont have their heads displayed and the video likely lags.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            With the MJPEG footage, have you Rendered your Timeline? If there is a red line above the Clips, it could be taking some time for PrPro to internally process the MJPEG's for playback. By Rendering, you take much of that processing load off the system.


                            Good luck, and hope that helps,



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                              frogmike Level 1

                              Yup I've rendered the  footage. Most of the time even when I don't render the footage plays nearly fine. But even when  when perfectly rendered, I still get those annoying long clip header loading times : \

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                I get good playback for most of my footage, even with many Effects and the red line. I was just wondering if the lack of Rendering might affect the redraw, but that goes out the window.


                                Thanks for the clarification,



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                                  Hello, I have same problem. Most of time I scroll timeline (I use head thumbnails), thumbnails are refreshed from disk. I have lot of small pieces clips. I not found any solution, I think this is bad using cache in Premiere...