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    How do you deal with confidential documents?


      And is there any confirmation of the identity of the signatories?   Is this any more than a time stamp on the document?

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          In Adobe eSignatures, similar to most wet signatures, we do not validate the identities of the signatories.  It is up to the initiator to do that.


          If you require a higher level of assurance, Adobe also supports a rich set of digital signature capabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe LiveCycle.  You can find more information here:





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            Glenburne Community Member

            Bill, thanks.


            My question really went to the confidentiality of the document.  If the contract has rates that the client does not want a competitor to see, is there any assurance that after uploading the file to Adobe only the signatories will be able to see the document?


            Another question:  One benefit I would like to have in esigning is to be able to electronically compare the document to be signed with the prior  draft.  Is there any way to do that in eSignatures after the document is uploaded, assuming I am not the initiator of the document?




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              borstein Community Member

              Access to the document is protected by a secure HTTPS connection. Further, only signing parties may view the document and it cannot be printer or downloaded as a PDF until the signing process is complete.


              A very persistent person could take screen shot or point a digital camera at the screen. No system can prevent that.