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        I agree with lunatic. kglad, it is not helpful to anyone that you keep sidestepping the issue and pretending that your 'sick programming skills' are going to fix the known issue. There is plenty of evidence to point towards Flash being the main concern, and even the original post is enough research to show that the common denominator is the Flash plugin. See how many people are having the exact same problem, all exatly with Flash content, most running at at least 1 gig ram and like, 3.0 processors? It is not a coding error, and prominent news stations, flash creators, web designers, game artists, are not all flawed. You're one to believe highly in coincidence aren't you? lol. Getyourselfreal bro. ; ).


        Focus on raising awareness, and motivating Adobe to solve the issue. 'Nuff said.


        PS - The same happens on any facebook flash game. It takes me hellah long to harvest my sunflowers in FarmVille. LMAO.

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          zeroskillz Level 3

          kind of raising the dead here...

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            Michael Borbor Level 4

            Adobe has already done a huge improvement in performance, and fixed a couple

            of bugs for Macs, you just need to wait a little bit until Flash Player 10.1

            gets released.


            This a bug that was fixed.


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              I don't know if you all have found out why your cpus are running at 100% but i been doing research on it and found this article and believe it or not a vacumm cleaner solved my problem i have a brand new hp pavillion entertainment just old enough to have a little dust in it but here is the scientific answer for it Streaming video playback issue from www.abc.net.au/iview im not a computer guru but this guy seams to know what hes talkin about and it worked i am running at 42 to 52% on justin.tv hq now which i was running 75 to 100% before the vacumm cleaner and my fan is not running as much now too like i said my cpu is not even out of warranty yet and i keep it shiny on the outside and it was enough dust to cause the hardware excelerater to turn off due to to much heat

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                jortony Level 1

                Perhaps your computer was overheating, but I monitor my GPU temp and

                it was not an issue. If anyone wonders if their GPU is overheating

                before dismantling, just google "GPU monitor" and install from a good

                source. I don't know how this guy seems to know what he is talking

                about, he seems like the average forum user battling a problem. I have

                solved my problems with Flash, but not for the sake of solving just

                that problem. I bought a new high end GPU, motherboard, and a

                beautiful processor, now I have no problems. Through in that process I

                reinstalled windows including all drivers, different apps, and I am

                using a nonstandard OS now as well, so nothing can be inferred from

                that. I think it is clear possible that Flash has become very resource

                intensive, and they are not going to fix it, hoping in a year or so

                all of you will buy new computers.

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                  Roboblob Level 1

                  Any ideas how this relates to Silverlight?


                  Any CPU usage performance comparison available between Flash and Silverlight?





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                    :::@::: Level 1

                    Yes, this is the situation right now - nearly every website with HD video support uses lots of CPU resources. In most cases it means poor coding skills of the developer who made the flash content, and in some - the HD video itself demands lots of CPU resources just like the HD movies we watch on PC do. But, I want to point out - in neither case is Flash itself the cause of the problem. Just blame the website, not flash. When I stumble upon such website I've got a quick and very effective solution - I quit it and don't go there again






                    Emil Georgiev - Flash & Web Design

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                      Something tells me (perhaps it's your signature) that you're not completely unbiased when it comes to Flash, Emil. The fact is, there are millions of people with high-end hardware, running either Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, that are experiencing this exact issue.


                      Now granted, some sites are very poorly coded. And to lay the blame with shoddy code is absolutely correct. But you're wrong to blame the websites themselves - this is, more often than not, Adobe's problem, and not that of the web developers. The likes of Google are doing everything they can to improve performance on the web. But there's only so much optimising one can do in the abstract layers of AS.


                      In my case, I'm running a fresh install of Windows 7 with very little installed (read: all updates, Chrome and Flash). I have two Intel Dual Core 2.16GHz processors (so that's two processors, four cores) and 4GB RAM. Now with only two tabs open (one for this forum thread, and another streaming video) CPU usage has gone from 0% to 80%. And it doesn't matter if I'm viewing a site coded by decent developers who know what they're doing (in this case BBC iPlayer or YouTube) or some rubbish off of MSNBC. Nor does it matter which browser I'm using, the experience is comparable with Chrome, Firefox and IE8.


                      And before someone suggests that I give a 10.1 release candidate a try, don't bother. Performance is exactly the same as in the latest stable version, i.e. absolutely dire.


                      If VLC and even Microsoft can produce decoders and players that don't completely cripple modern hardware, then so can Adobe.


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                        Kind of incredible how fast evrything's changing.

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                          :::@::: Level 1

                          Who has undeniably proved that the video player used on youtube and BBCiPlayer has been developed right? Who might tell you for sure if they've not used 60 fps with onEnterFrame() function with about 100 checkings defined in it? Or have not used the services of some unknown agency far back in India only because it has offered the lowest development price? Just like the sneakers you get from big brands and which ultimately have been manufactured in China?  It is the most common practice: the bigger the business - the cheaper it searches to pay.... Nobody could tell you ... And if someone can, be sure he won't ....




                          I've seen how Flash evolves and how these issues emerged righ on time with the rising of the development hype - the CPU freakish usage and poor coding issues align with it exactly. Yes you can have bigger than 320x240 px videos in flash and not have it crashing your computer, and, you might have a small tiny video or even animation which crashes it - you just have to "know" how to do it.





                          Emil Georgiev - Flash & Web Design

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                            Was there ever a fix for this? I am having the exact same issue on an Intel p4. Obviously there is some kind of conflict going on with flash to cause this on certain machines. I can’t believe I am looking at a post 3 years old and this problem still exist.

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                              E n i g m a 6 6 7

                              I am also still having this problem. CPU usage maxing out on youtube videos and other flash content.

                              WILL ADOBE EVER FIX THIS PROBLEM?

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                                Michael Borbor Level 4

                                I think the performance issue was solve with the latest releases from Flash Player. Which version currently do you have installed?


                                Don't blame the player only, depending on video quality, codec and so on. It's very CPU or GPU intensive to transcode a Video.

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                                  Well if u having problems with yr cpu useage to 100%  u will not found a solution above in this thread/posts. I hope u are lucly and see the last post.(mine)

                                  and don't waste yr time reading as I did.


                                  I can say this about this CPU problem i have too. It may be a graphics card problem or O/S.


                                  Before 3 days i had windows xp-sp1 and a video card =( ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB DDR

                                  and all things was fine. videos - games in browser...   steady CPU 0-10%


                                  I upgrade to windows xp-sp2 and video card =( ATI Radeon HD2600 Pro 512MB DDR2 AGP

                                  and the problem begin... cpu is on fire 80-100%


                                  I update my drivers in latest and did some other things read in forums but nothing helped. 3 days now I am fighing to find a solution.

                                  (sry for bad english)

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                                    I put a vacuum cleaner hose next to fan output and took some of the dust that was inside. I was really surprised with the effect - now Flash media plays a lot better. However I will still open it to clean it up better, since I have seen the difference after basic cleaning already. I also don't recommend you the way I did it - it's completely not safe for your hardware. It's better to open it, take fan and a radiator out of it and then clean it up the way it should be done.


                                    BTW, first I tried many things - including reinstalling my browser, flash, turning off all of unneeded plugins but it didn't help much. My laptop is 2yo and for last year it has been running 24/7.


                                    I recommend you to clean it first and then loose your time on fighting with the software.


                                    Good luck!

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                                      its time browsers pack their own flash players. crashes everywhere except on ipads.

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                                        Sci-Fi Si

                                        Well here we are, years after this thread was started and still people are having the very same problem. I found a useful article here:




                                        It doesn't fix the problem completely, but it did help me to speed things up quite a bit on my system.

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                                          Shivaraj_MS Level 1

                                          ok adobe has finally fixed it.

                                          Shockwave Flash 11.1 r102

                                          works well with 1080p HD videos playing well below 10% of cpu.

                                          only on windows


                                          hope they soon fix the linux versions as well.


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                                            Issue: While in-game, framerate suddenly drops from solid 60 fps to 53~54 fps or sometimes even to stable 30 fps (both in windowed and fullscreen mode). During this framerate drops cpu usage of a single core is maxed out, where it would be around 25% of a single core when running at 60 fps. Minimzing and maximizing the app solves the problem sometimes, and exiting to the main menu DOES NOT solve it.


                                            How to reproduce: The only repeatable way that I've found to trigger the issue is, after opening the game (windowed and if the issue is not already present from the start), within the menu change the focus to the desktop, and then back to the game. When returning to the game the app starts maxing out a core.

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                                              Shivaraj_MS Level 1

                                              It's now official as to how adobe fooled customers ( ofcourse freely ) for 2-3 years for this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Explorer_10#Adobe_Flash_integration .

                                              The netbook is almost extinct now by this approach.Laptops are reportedly causing global warming. 
                                              Market is owned by almost adobe's youtube (with monetization, ads and what nots) and hundreds of other tubes and temporarily facebook.
                                              The flash player's (which is also a 'Freeware') Integration with IE at this point gives them the edge to be as heavyweight for other OSes while being smooth with already heavy windows 7 and 8. 


                                              Adobe has become so powerful ( in terms of dependency as videos /visual media remains the most popular and effective )  that it can not only drain batteries, overheat CPUs but also decide hardware market  and make sure they are changed every couple of years.

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