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    Photoshop CS5 and APP-V = Fail



      I'm trying to sequence Photoshop CS5 but I'm not having much of a success. The sequencing hangs and never finishes, and it seems to be because of the CS5ServiceManager starting and messing things up.


      I have not found a way around this and I'm just wondering if there is any good info about this. Have not found much at all. KB-article? Someone who has done this successfully?



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Interesting idea, running Photoshop in a virtual environment, but I wonder whether given that Photoshop is a complex suite of stuff it will be possible.  I also wonder whether you'll have any luck getting other than software OpenGL functionality in a virtual machine.  Even if you get it to work, you'll probably find it doesn't work very well.


          Out of curiosity, are you finding Photoshop not to play well with other programs?  Just wondering why you're doing application virtualization.


          I'm sorry I can't provide any specific help, but I'm glad you brought this up and I'm interested in how it ends up working out.



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            I've been having issues with streaming Photoshop CS5, but I've at least made it past the sequencing phase.  Yes, my guess is your problem lies with the CS5ServiceManager.exe process.  Just kill it before you finish monitoring, then kill it again when it comes back up after launching Photoshop during the Launch phase.


            However, even after successfully sequencing and saving the package, I am unable to get it to launch on the clients without throwing an error.  I haven't had any trouble with Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, or Flash CS5, and they all use the same CS5ServiceManager process, so my guess is that the cause of that problem is something other than that.


            Good luck! (but I wouldn't bank on getting much info from these forums)

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              lujo13 Level 1

              Thx for your replies.


              Well, no luck for me and we needed to get it out to our clients so I went by the "normal" way using the configuration tool (or whatever its called).

              Maybe I will have another go just to amuse myself when there is time.



              And for the reason to use app-v? That's just our policy to first try to virtualize an application.

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                R Heuvel

                I have tried sequencing Adobe Web Premium CS5, so far, sequencing all apps individually, it's working fine except for Flash.

                I'm surprised at how smooth it went so far.


                Used App-V 4.6 on Windows Server 2008 environment (32 bit).

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                  R Heuvel,  can you confirm that you successfully sequenced Adobe After Effects CS5 as one of the "...all apps individually..." that you sequenced? and if so, does it seem to behave reasonably well?



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                    R Heuvel Level 1

                    Hi richmediex,


                    The Web Premium suite does not contain After Effects. However, to be more exact, I did make the following sequences:

                    - Illustrator

                    - InDesign

                    - Flash Professional (+ Catalyst + Builder)

                    - Dreamweaver

                    - Photoshop (+ Bridge)


                    To my knowledge, all are working fine. Keep in mind that you'll need powerful machines to run it though (which is recommended anyways even when not sequencing the apps)



                    Also some tips:


                    - Create a custom installation first with the deployment toolkit. Make sure auto updating, eula and any other configurations are done here. Also installation directory can be set in advance here.


                    - When running the custom deployment make sure you have it copied locally, it will fail over UNC paths. switches are /qn and optionally ADOBEINSTALLDIR


                    - On first run, turn off the splash screen. For some reason the splash screen was a blank screen when run on a client (while it did work during sequencing phase)


                    - Delete the %CSIDL_WINDOWS%\Installer folder from your sequence. This saves quite some space (it's a cached copy of the installer MSI).



                    Good luck if you're going to give it a try. And be very patient with the sequencer (it's SLOW)

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                      richmediex Level 1

                      Hi. thanks for the response and time spent putting together the
                      helpful info below!


                      yes, our machines have dual quad-cores so hopefully it'll be decent from a
                      performance standpoint.


                      best regards.