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    Popup WIndows Flash 8

      Hi All,

      Ive been battling all day to get some popup windows working to no avail.

      Ive tried using Method 1 (which doent require any JS in the target html) below, which just bring up syntax errors.

      Ive tried using Method 2.1 with JS in the html, and 2.2, with the code in the fla.

      Neither of these options works at all. I have disabled popup blocking, but all i get is either nothing at all or the IE symbol in the bottom left of my browser turns into a yellow triangle.

      If anyone could shed any light on this id be extrememely grateful.

      Cheers all,


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          Xithis Level 1
          Hmm... I cut and paste your code from 2.1 into a test file and everything worked ok. Is it a local file you are testing from? If so you should check out...


          That could prevent the javascript from executing from flash and preventing the window popup.
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            DaveRaith Level 1
            Hi Xithis,

            Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

            I checked out the link but except for setting "allowScriptAccess" to 'always' it was all a bit confusing and abstract. I seem to be going round in circles. I have had popups working by using pure html/JS and sitting it on top of flash in a transparent layer but unfortunately it disables any rollover effects in the flash button. Did you use Flash 8 when you pasted my code? Im assuming this is all due to the new security features of Flash 8?


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              Xithis Level 1
              I did it using Flash MX 2004 Professional.

              Well there seems to be your problem... you wont be able to click on the flash file when you have a layer ontop of it (hence the no rollovers), and therefore you never get to call the javascript file. Make sure the flash file is always on the top layer if you want interaction.

              Am I understanding that rright?
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                DaveRaith Level 1
                Hi Xithis,

                No, I only tried the HTML layer on top of the flash just to double check that I could in fact get a popup working by bypassing Flash. This was only a test really. My earlier attempts were just with JS in Flash.

                Its a really wierd problem, something so simple yet I cant seem to sort it.