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    Crazy bug - Flash is deleting random string characters


      Hello!  I'm working through Adobe's "Actionscript 3.0 for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional" book (though I'm using a trial version of CS5).  I've run into a crazy error on the 2nd lessons that I believe is out of my control, and wanted to see if the more advanced users had seen it or had any advice.


      Everything was going well, when suddenly this bug appeared out of nowhere.  It appears that some random characters are getting removed from my strings.  For example, when I write the code:


      info_txt.text = "Welcome to the home page";


      And then run the program, then info_txt just shows: "elmehehmepage", which is the same string minus a bunch of characters.  When I try to write the code:


      info_txt.text = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789";


      Then it comes out as "aeghilmnprs".  This character removal happens for all strings.  And it seems that it isn't random, it's just removing a bunch of letters and all numbers, the same ones every time.


      Troubleshooting that didn't work:

      • I thought it might have been something that I did, so I removed ALL actionscript from the project except for the above lines, and got the same result
      • I tried opening the end-of-the-lesson completed example file that came with the book, and that had the same problem (now I KNOW it wasn't a problem with the actionscript)
      • Tried restarting Flash CS5, no luck


      Does anyone have any ideas what's going on?  I can't figure out what made this occur suddenly, and I can't figure out how to undo it.