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    Flash Professional CS5 Freezing




      I'm running Flash Professional CS5 on Windows XP OS. When using Flash the program is freezing on me. So far this has happened when importing images to the stage, publishing the file and testing the movie. My only option is to force Flash to close. Sometimes, this freezing is accompanied by the standard "Adobe Flash has encountered an error and needs to close" message, but this is not always the case. This is my first time using Flash, and I'm creating a video using ~400 BMP's so the .fla file is quite large (12MB).


      This is very frustrating, and I would appreciate any help/advice. Thanks.

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          jendehaan Level 4

          Could you let us know what the bitmaps are like (dimensions, file type, and file size) and your system specs so we can try reproducing internally?  Also, is the FLA you're importing them empty?  Is it an AS3 document?



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            vjanssens Level 1

            Yes the images are being imported into a blank FLA file and it is an AS3 document. The images are all ~2MB BMP files (Dimensions: 1000x700 pixels) numbered consecutively.


            System Specs:

            Intel Core 2Duo CPU

            E8400 @ 3GHz

            2.99 GHz, 3.21 GB of RAM

            XP Professional SP3 (2002)



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              jendehaan Level 4

              Hmm, that is a lot of content to be importing at once - my guess is that you're running out of memory during the import. Have you tried importing and optimizing smaller chunks of content and seeing if that works?


              I will look further into the issue after they're in a FLA file, I may have some different suggestions for some things you can do there as some changes were made in CS5.

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                vjanssens Level 1

                Yeah, I know its a fairly huge amount to be importing but the import works fine (just takes a few minutes). The program is mostly stalling when I try publish the movie.


                I'll try playing around with less/smaller files and see if that helps.



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                  vjanssens Level 1

                  I've played around with the number of files and it seems to be a problem with the large number of files/their size.... Flash appears to crash when I use more then 300 files... Is there anyway around this?


                  All I want to do is import these files to the stage, add script to stop the loop when I reach the end of the sequence and add a replay button. Can I compress the files as I import them?





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                    Artur Chmiel


                    I have simillar problem. JPEG sequence 1200x400, 500 frames (whole sequence has 150MB). Flash crash during import to stage. I can import about 300 frames without crash.