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    How do I incorporate translated htm files into an existing project?


      I am working with RoboHelp HTML 7.03 and have inherited a webhelp project that was created with an earlier version (RoboHelp for Word 5.0 or earlier). Even before I had a chance to get my feet wet and never having used RoboHelp before, I was asked to send the project out for translation into French. Not knowing which files to send, I zipped up everything and sent it. The translation company returned the htm, hhc, and hhk files.


      My problem now is how do I get these translated files into my project so that I can generate an Online Help system that I can give to my developers?


      I have read Ben Minson's article and have tried to follow it with the project I was left with. No Luck! I have also read elsewhere where people have just made copies of their project and just dropped the translated files in place of the English files. I haven't tried this because I am not exactly sure how to copy the project: copy everything to a new location or create a new project and copy specific files from the old project?


      I would greatly appreciate any help or advice I can get on this problem.


      Thanks in advance,