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    Patch chaining- acrobat.exe gets downgraded.

    y=mx+b Level 1

      As per http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/507/cpsid_50720.html I've created a single installation, effectively taking an y 9.x release to 9.3 (current).


      However, Acrobat.exe gets downgraded to v9.1.0.163 (even if I start at v9.2 - yet all the other files get upgraded).  When I access the menu About Acrobat Pro... the splash reveals the version to be 9.3.   Something in the chain sequence or an undocumented fix :-) ?
      Here's my sequence updating the ENU version: 
      msiexec /p "AcroProStdUpd910_T1T2_incr.msp;AcrobatUpd911_all_incr.msp;AcrobatUpd912_all_incr.msp;Acr obatUpd913_all_incr.msp;AcrobatUpd920_all_incr.msp;AcrobatUpd930_all_incr.msp" REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=ALL /qb


      Need I be concerned?