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    Premiere Pro CS5 to CS4

    baron_cosimo Level 1

      Greetings. Is there any backward compatibility for PP CS5 to CS4, by any means?


      Appreciate any input. Thanks.

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          shooternz Level 6

          Probably not.  It has never been possible in previous versions to import a higher version project file backwards.


          Maybe another solution  available depending on what you are trying to do????

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            Mark Morreau Level 2

            I  have had some success in opening sequences from a CS5 project in CS4.

            I fired up CS4, created new project, file -> import and selected the CS5 project. Premiere asks you if you want to import entire project of selected sequences. I selected a sequence and found it imported just fine into CS4. Note, however, that these were very simple sequences, with no effects and straight cuts or dissolves. I've done this a few times now, and it seems to work.





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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Interesting, helpful observation, Mark--thanks for posting it.


              If that doesn't work for the OP, he might consider exporting an AAF file from CS5. Go to File > Export > AAF and follow the prompts. AAF is a sort of "universal" project file format--at least, it's as close to universal as we're likely to get at this point in time. It should do a pretty good job of maintaining most edit decisions in your CS5, as well as effects and imported elements like PSDs and AE projects. I just did a quick test on a basic CS5 project, and it came into CS4 without a hitch, near as I can tell. Just import the AAF like any other file, and Premiere will do the rest of the work.


              I'd say that if Mark's suggestion works, then go with that--but if it doesn't work with your particular project, check out the AAF option.