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    FlexUnit4 with Flex Application compiled using Flex SDK 3.0?

    asafdsadfasddfsas Level 1

      The Flex application that I am working on is compiled using Flex SDK 3.0.


      Now I want to unit test this application using FlexUnit4.


      I am not able to find FlexUnit4 for Flex SDK 3.0 in downloads page(http://www.flexunit.org/?page_id=14).


      So I decided to download the FlexUnit 4 source code and compile it using Flex SDK 3.0.


      I have downloaded the source code from downloads page(http://github.com/flexunit/flexunit/).


      I need help in compiling the projects. I want to know what are the configuration changes that I need to do run the ant task build.xml in my local machine.


      Please help me here.