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    Someone have a working solution for external flvs?

    Laer2 Level 1

      I've been going around in circles for a week on this one.... trying several different methods, all of which have issues.


      All I want is this....


      I have an HTML page that has movs or flvs embedded which don't load until you click on play... and when you do, it does a Fast Start type of thing, where it starts playing once it has enough of a head start....



      I've tried seemingly everything...


      -Mov files exported from AfterEffects (as Fast Start), embedded in the HTML....  Doesn't Fast Load for some unknown reason.


      -Using prettyPhoto (Lightbox-like app) with Fast Start mov's ...  Doesn't Fast Start.


      -Using prettyPhoto (Lightbox-like app) with flv's ...  Doesn't appear to do .flv's.... Only .swf's.


      -Using a variety of codes found online for embedded mov's....  Still doeesn't Fast Start.


      -Using a variety of codes found online for embedded flv's...  Either flat out doesn't work... has errors... or requires 'free' flv players that are not free if you use them commercially (as I would be).



      Lastly, I tried 'playing back external flv files dynamically' (from the Adobe Flash CS3 manual.... which I ended up getting to work (and although I can't tell if it's Fast Starting, it certainly loads and plays fast enough, and probably is.... You just don't see the load bar, so it's not entirely obvious if it is).


      That's all good... but the sample code from the manual has some issues...  Namely, no controls.  So, I put in a 'Play' button on frame one, and have it jump to the video object (frame 3) when you click the button.  That's fine.... but the problem now is that there is no way to restart the video once it's played (or pause it while it's playing, restart half way through, etc).  I can't just put in a 'Play Again' button at the end, since the FLV is loading externally, so I don't have an actual timeline for the movie clip to put any code on, to happen at the end of the video.



      Does anyone have ANY EASY, WORKING solution to give me a thumbnail gallery of videos which you can click on and view, where the clips do NOT load until you click play, and when they load, they play as soon as they have enough of a head start?  It can be .mov or .flv....


      Sorry, I've just spent a week going around in circles for what seems like a simple task here....  I need a complete, working solution.... code and explanation.


      Can anyone help out?  (I have the AfterEffectsCS3, FlashCS3, and Vegas running on an XP Pro PC)

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          Laer2 Level 1

          For those following along, I found that Adobe Flash CS3's FLV Player component works well, and is FAR less complicated than all the other solutions I found.  I'm still working on getting it to behave exactly as intended, but it's definitely the easiest and most successful solution so far.


          At this point, I have the embedded clips that display right away (despite not being fully loaded)... so you don't have blank spots, like non-progressive clips would do while they are loading.  They also allow you to hit play even while they are still loading.  So, all that is very good...  The only issue now is the clips download regardless of whether you hit play or not... so all clips on the page will be downloading when you enter the page (causing a possible bottleneck, plus downloading all that data, regardless of whether it's needed or not).